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Timothy – January 27, 2022

I feel very happy about reviewing this wonderful site that has always provided me with effective products at very reasonable prices. Plus, they provide free shipping and provide speedy delivery. It’s been two years since I’ve been buying from this place and there have been no complaints.

Autumn – January 21, 2022

I was freaked out when our two-year-old greyhound wasn’t doing well with his worms trouble. I couldn’t afford a vet and was looking for a really affordable option. I went to a local store only to find out that there was little difference from what the vet was charging me. My friend suggested to me that budgetvetcare; this store. I couldn’t believe their prices when I first saw them so ordered and they came in for real, very affordable, and all authentic. I’ve become their fan and a customer for life for sure.

William – January 20, 2022

Two years ago, I came on to this site called BudgetVet to buy our dog’s flea treatment. We decided to buy Bravecto. We came here looking at multiple other online stores to find out this is the most cost-effective option out of them all that we’d looked upon. Plus, they provide free shipping all the way from England and the best part is, the product looked and worked exactly the same way as it does when we buy from the vet. Indeed a great store if you have pets.

William – January 13, 2022

We adopted a puppy last month and it’s the first pet of our family. We knew nothing about how to take care of them against those blood-sucking parasites, so I was looking for a place that could provide us with effective products at affordable prices. After searching online for about a couple of hours, I’ve got to this place that provides me with very effective products at such affordable prices. I’ve become a fan!!!

Selena – January 08, 2022

I was buying all our dog’s flea meds from our vet. Two months ago a dear friend of mine introduced to this wonderful place called BudgetVet. I was amazed to see their prices and was disappointed with my self that I was paying too much to the vet. I switched buying to this place and unbelievably I could save about $150 a month. Very Happy with this site!