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Mark – October 05, 2021

We were using Frontline Plus for the last 5-6 years on our cat, but it wasn’t quite working. One of my friends suggested me to use Bravecto for her but when I checked with our vet she was charging me over $200 for both our cats. After my search on the internet for about a couple of hours, I was able to find BudgetVet Company who provided me with the same product at under $100 for both our felines. It’s been six months we’re using them and they’re just amazing.

Sam – September 29, 2021

Six months ago we started shopping our pet supplies from BudgetVet company. I must say their prices are the cheapest from the rest places here in Chicago, and the plus point is they don’t even charge for shipping products all the way from the UK. I will continue to use their services.

William – September 25, 2021

We brought a new puppy home a couple of months ago. The big question was where to get his parasite protections from. Then our neighbor suggested Budgetvetcare company as he too was buying his from the same place. I must say that there couldn’t have been a better place than this to get our lil child’s key treatments. They provide products at significantly lesser price than other stores and the customer service is an added advantage to the purchase.

Serena – September 17, 2021

Jasper, our two year dog had severe allergic reactions on his skin a month ago. My vet prescribed Apoquel for him. I’d checked the prices to almost 10 online stores but Budgetvetcare had beaten the price of all those stores. The product was the same as what we get it here in VA. I’m glad that I choose to buy from here.

Cheryl – September 04, 2021

Have ordered 2 times from BudgetVetCare and will be using them for all future dog meds. I pay the additional shipping charge for the tracking info. and my orders have arrived sooner than expected. Highly Recommend!