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Kate – June 23, 2023

I sit browsing through websites for hours to order dog food and supplies at an affordable price. I then came across Budget vet care. I can't believe the prices! They give such great discounts and there are many different products. From tick and flea treatment to pet food and accessories, they have everything that our pets need. I always order from Budget vet Care for the most reasonable prices and I've never been disappointed. The shipping services are excellent and always on time. I recommended this website to my sister who is a cat parent and she's hooked on it too. We order all of our pet supplies from here. I'd give it 5 stars!

Diane – May 02, 2023

After comparing the price with US suppliers, I decided to order from Budget Vet Care. The product is identical, arrived within 10 days, and costs far less.

Joe – May 02, 2023

Very happy as a first time user of the site. Will be back for more.

Freidoon – May 02, 2023

We have come to love Budgetvetcare.com. Their prices are great and thanks God, no issues with deliveries in the past few years of buying thru them.

Teresa – April 17, 2023

Best deal anywhere and reward points make it better. Hear me now. Believe me later. Shop here and stock up.