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Karl – May 07, 2021

I'm pleased to share my experience with this website because I've ordered several treatments for my three dogs from here. I tend to stock up on preventatives because they take a little longer to arrive, but I'm fine with that because the treatments fit my dogs and I haven't seen any side effects in any of them. Good prices and a great site! Thank you for giving me email updates so that I don't miss out on any of your special offers. Continue to offer such exciting offers!

Mitchell – April 27, 2021

This incident occurred about a month ago with me. When it comes to pet care items, I tend to shop exclusively on this site. I had ordered a topical solution for my cat, and when it arrived, I discovered that it had leaked. My first response was to call customer service, who told me that they would contact me once they had determined the cause of the error. They called to say that the damage occurred during the shipping process. Furthermore, they reshipped another order for the same product without charge to compensate for the loss. This is what made me feel so good about purchasing from this website.

Elena – April 19, 2021

Because of the late delivery, I've never been a fan of online shopping. Most of these online shopping sites for pets have a minimum delivery time of 10 to 14 business days, which is quite long. I did, however, try my hand at Budget Vet Care. I purchased a couple of supplies like food, treatments, and collars for my dog. You won't believe it, but I received my order in just 7 days!! I was thoroughly impressed. I've been doing my pet shopping from here ever since. It's much easier and more comfortable. Kudos to the team!

Josiah – April 12, 2021

My dog's behaviour changed after shifting to a new apartment. He was always scratching and biting himself, was easily annoyed, and didn't get enough sleep. I realised he was infested with ticks at that point. I tried a few home remedies, but none of them were successful. During my vet visit, I was given a long list of prescriptions that would have cost me a lot of money. That is when my I came across this site. I got great discounts here. The customer service representative also recommended that I purchase a tick collar for my pet to avoid potential infestations. I'm happy I came across this website. I recommend it to everyone. I promise you that it will be a worthwhile visit.

Jesse – February 22, 2021

For the past few months, I am ordering from Budget Vet Care and never had faced any fuss. May it be the pack size, quality, or the price, everything was perfect and competitive. Hassle-free customer service and timely deliveries make this online store wonderful for me and my fur-buddy.