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Louise – December 30, 2021

Six months ago my puppy was horribly infested with roundworm infection. I was not sure what to do and decided to check options online. I chose the very first option that came on the internet and it brought me to BudgetVet store. Since then I’ve been buying everything my dog needs from this store and my baby is doing very well.

Camille – December 14, 2021

We’d bought a flea formula a couple of months ago from a local store that had hardly worked on our babies. I was freaked out when I saw her full of fleas. I looked up online to many stores, ended up landing on this site; I was amazed to see that all the products they sell are significantly less priced than the store I was buying from. They work same as the ones we buy from the store do. I have told mu husband to continue buying from here.

Henry – December 11, 2021

It has been 3 months since we’re using Budgetvet company. I have to say this is the best place we’ve visited online for our fur babies. They provide all the genuine products with excellent prices and deliver them in no time whatsoever. I will continue buying from here.

Victor – November 29, 2021

I’m very proud that I chose to buy all our pet meds from BudgetVet company as all the stores we’d tried in the past were charging almost 1.5 time more than what this place offers me. Plus, they do not even charge me for sending meds all over from the UK, and their customer service is the biggest positive I’ve found. So I recommend every one to buy from this place. Worth Tryinggg!!!

Mark – November 22, 2021

A couple of months ago our kitty was severely infested with fleas. The liquid formula we were using for ages didn’t work. My husband bought a band from the local store that was of no use too. Then one of my friends suggested trying the oral Bravecto this Budget site was selling. I have to confess that I was hopeless, to begin with, but in no time this store gained my trust. Now, I buy all my pet meds from this store only.