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Privacy Policy

We understand that the information of our customers’ needs to be kept private. To keep this abreast, the company sets highest standards in securing the private and financial information at all times. We protect the private information of customers irrespective of whether it is personal and non-personal. There are exceptional cases wherein we use the personal information, but that depends on certain circumstances which have been disclosed below :

Personal data collection

The personal information that we collect is utilized to provide the services that you signed up for. While registering on the online store all our customers are required to register on the site and provide their name, address and contact information. This information aids us to fill orders and deliver them. With the precise and accurate information provided by you, we are able to process the orders and get swift delivery without any delays.

We strictly follow EEA General Data Protection Regulation. Hence, your data is secured at BudgetVetCare.com.

At BudgetVetCare.com, you can even sign in as a guest. This feature has been provided particularly to those visitors who do not wish to register. But if you just want to browse the site, you can do it anonymously. For best services, we also conduct certain surveys and research that aids us to offer better service to our customers. This information is collected to provide maximum value of our services. But it is totally at your discretion to participate in these surveys. Those customers that subscribe to our website will get a free subscription to our newsletter. These newsletters provide valuable inputs about pets and our latest offers. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any given point of time.


Just like other online websites, we also utilize cookies to collect user information. These cookies aid us in understanding your preferences by giving information encompassing frequency of the visits and pages accessed from our site. The information is obtained whenever a visitor accesses the site. The information collected includes: the IP address of the system utilized to access the site, the date and time of the visit and the web pages accessed. This information aids us to comprehend the frequency and duration of the visits. It also aids us to customize our services and offers to improve our services. But it does not contain any personal or identifying details of the user.

Revelation of the information

We strictly follow our privacy policy guidelines. The personal information of customers is collected solely for business purposes only. The information is used for providing personalized services, conducting surveys, newsletter, promotions, fulfilling product orders, as well as improving product and services. The information is totally safe with us as we follow international security standards. The information collected is not disclosed or shared to any third party or external organizations without the notice of the customer. The only exception to this rule is when we need to provide this information to enforce a law or to establish a legal claim.

Security measures

We take due precautions to ensure that all the customer information gathered, used or revealed are precise, up to date and stored in a highly secure environment. We also take due precaution to take care of that whenever you change or amend the information, our secure servers follow it up and ensure that there is no unauthorized access to it.

Altering your personal information

It is possible for you to change or amend your personal information at any given period of time. Just sign into our site and click on the profile to update the information and hit save. You can even contact us to update the information on your behalf.


If at any given point of time, you want to unsubscribe from our promotional services just sign into your account and update your profile or send us an email.

Contact Us

For any concerns, queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by calling us at 1-800-797-5305 Mon - Sat 9AM - 6PM CST or write to us at support@budgetvetcare.com.