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Jerome – October 27, 2021

For the last five years, we were using the Frontline flea treatment on our cat, but the last 2-3 months weren’t that good. So, I searched for some good flea product for her at an affordable prices. On my hunt, we’ve come across to this Budgetvetcare company. I was amazed to see their prices, and went on to buy their Bravecto which eventually turned out to be a permanent solution for our babies.

Rendy – October 22, 2021

When we’d bought a flea product for our baby from the other store, it didn’t do well. After a lot of research, we came to this Budgetvet site that was providing all kinds of products at considerably lower prices than other places. We ordered Nexgard; it has been a couple of months and both our babies are doing well with it.

Jubin – October 20, 2021

Fleas are really bad in here Broadview. But we are lucky that we have Budgetvetcare company that takes care of all those insects with just one treatment a month. I just have to give a pill to my child and within 24 hours he’s back to his normal. I’ve asked two of my friends to buy from here and one of them already did a couple of days ago. Is there a special discount for it?!?!?ha, ha, ha…

Roger – October 13, 2021

For the past couple of weeks, our baby was full of weeks. I came to this site through my friend & bought their Nexgard flea product for him. It only took a couple of days for the pil to free my baby from fleas, I think I’ve done the best thing for our animal by buying this med from budgetvet company.

William – October 09, 2021

It has been a couple of months we’d bought one of their products called Bravecto. First, I couldn’t believe their prices but when I ordered for our dog, they provide this real product that works equally well and their services are indeed incomparable.