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Profender Allwormer Large Cats (1.12 ml) 11-17.6 lbs

95 customer reviews

Profender Allwormer Large Cats (1.12 ml) 11-17.6 lbs

$46.49 $33.21

  • $46.49 $33.21
  • $90.40 $64.57
  • Best spot on treatment for cats
  • Works against roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms
  • Single dose eliminates multiple worms
  • Eliminates all stages of worms
  • Most ideal treatment for mixed infections
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  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • Profender Allwormer Ingredients
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Profender Allwormer For Cats

What is Profender Allwormer?

Profender Allwormer is world's first spot-on intestinal wormer especially developed for felines. It protects them from roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in the ease of administering a single treatment. It kills all the infective stages of intestinal worms in cats.

How does Profender all wormer for Cats Works?

Praziquantel and emodepside are the two active ingredients present in this worming treatment. These two ingredients pass through the cat's skin and enter her bloodstream and then gets into her intestines. Due to the anthelmintic properties present in these ingredients the intestinal worms namely; roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms along with their mature, immature and larval stages get killed. With just a single administration all types of intestinal worms are killed and if reapplied on a monthly basis the chances of getting any parasitic infection is eliminated.


  • First spot-on intestinal wormer especially developed for felines
  • Most appropriate treatment while dealing with mixed parasitic infections
  • Kills tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms
  • Very easy to administer spot-on treatment for kittens and cats of at least 8 weeks of age
  • Solitary treatment for eradicating multiple intestinal worms in cats

How to Use

Profender for cats is currently available in three packs according to the weight of the cats. So weigh your feline and then purchase the pack which is most appropriate for your cat. For more details on dosage check the product label or contact your veterinarian.

  • Apply the treatment by creating a naked skin spot at the base of the cat's skull. Pull the fur back in such a way that you can see the naked spot so that you can apply the solution.
  • Keep the tip of the open tube on the spot and compress the complete content on the site. Enable the application site to dry and do not touch the spot until and unless it dries out


  • This product is strictly to be used only on felines
  • While administrating the treatment do not smoke, eat or drink
  • Do not allow other pets or children to groom the treated cat till the application site dries out
  • Pregnant women should not administer this treatment on cats or if due to unavoidable circumstances they have to then ensure that they wear gloves while applying the treatment
  • Keep the product at a room temperature of below 30 degrees Celsius
  • Children and pets should not be allowed to get near the product
  • Even though side effects of this treatment are rare do not allow in any circumstances for the kitty to lick the application site as it can result in vomiting or salivation. If you see any adverse reaction consult with your veterinarian immediately
  • For complete information on administration, expiry date and method of application check the product label
  • While applying this treatment always wear gloves
  • Wash your hands with soap and water especially on the exposed skin after application


  • If your kitten is younger than 8 weeks of age and less than 0.5 kg body weight then do not administer this treatment on her

Profender Allwormer Ingredients

Praziquantel, Emodepside

Profender Allwormer Reviews (95)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (95 customer reviews)
Kate – April 05, 2024
Dosage is not a trouble

The liquid can be applied easily. A simple way to remove various types of worms from my pet..

Henrik – April 04, 2024
Worth Every Penny

Say goodbye to parasites with just one cost-effective dose.

Gred – March 04, 2024
Value for money

Worth every sinhgle penny.

Kelly – February 12, 2024
Great deals and offers

excellent offers and incredible deals for pet supplies. must try.

Jaxson – January 07, 2024
POowerful wormer

Works for all the common intestinal parasites and keep my fur baby healthy and safe..

Jaxson – January 07, 2024
POowerful wormer

Works for all the common intestinal parasites and keep my fur baby healthy and safe..

Jaxson – January 07, 2024
POowerful wormer

Works for all the common intestinal parasites and keep my fur baby healthy and safe..

Bryson – December 04, 2023
Best Product

Improved my pet's health noticeably..

Alice m Summers – November 23, 2023
Cat wormer.

First time buyer..

Lucas – November 07, 2023
Go for it

YOu can use this wormer without a doubt. Its just amazing.