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Emtryl Soluble Powder 50 Gm

24 customer reviews

Emtryl Soluble Powder 50 Gm

$21.53 $15.38

  • $21.53 $15.38
  • Heals and prevents Trichomoniasis disease in pigeons
  • Most cost effective crop canker treatment
  • Easy to dose, well-accepted, water-soluble powder
  • Effectiveness of the solution lasts up to 3 days at best
  • Highly effective and extremely cost effective
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  • Emtryl Soluble Powder Ingredients
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Emtryl Soluble Powder for Birds and Pigeons

What is Emtryl Soluble Powder?

Emptryl soluble powder is an effective treatment for crop cankers (Trichomoniasis) in pigeons. The easy to administer water-soluble powder treats and prevents Trichomoniasis in the most cost effective manner.  Dimetridazole being the active ingredient of this soluble powder retains its action for three days.

How It Works?

Emtryl soluble powder is an excellent preventive treatment. It contains Dimetridazole - a quality active ingredient. The component is effective in treating the infection and controls further infection. Especially recommended for breeding and racing season, the oral treatment prevents crop canker in pigeons during these seasons. Emtryl powder is easily soluble to be administered and safe for all birds and pigeons.

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  • Highly effective treatment for canker infection
  • Protects pigeons against Trichomomasis 
  • Water soluble - easy to administer treatment
  • Retaining property ensures effectiveness for three consecutive days
  • Safe for birds, pigeons, poultry and game birds

How to Use

  • Prepare the solution by dissolving 3 gram powder per 2 liters of water. Give for seven consecutive days.
  • While administering Emptryl, it is necessary to remove all other sources of drinking water.  


  • The powder is highly safe for pigeons and cage birds.
  • Consult a veterinarian for extreme problem. 

Emtryl Soluble Powder Ingredients


Emtryl Soluble Powder Reviews (24)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (24 customer reviews)
shelly – May 31, 2022
good for pigeons

healthy nutrition's for your pigeon pet.

Lewis – November 12, 2021
Suits our children

The powder formula tends to work very well on them every time I use it..

Jose – August 26, 2021
Saves me money

This is a cost-effective solution for our bird..

Lisa – August 01, 2021
Great Service

The product arrived before we could finish the left one we had from the last purchase..

Julian – June 25, 2021
Fantastic Product

Fantastic product! It helps to keep my birdies safe and happy..

Donovan – March 04, 2021
Doing Well

My bird had hard time taking the pills for her infection and I was looking for an alternative. It's great that I got this powder form treatment for her. It's been about two weeks and she's doing well with it..

Lisa – January 29, 2021
Great Product

Easy to administer and effective for my racing pigeons.

Camila – December 09, 2020

Can't find better discounts than this website..

Ron Tiler – December 09, 2020

Can't find better discounts than this website. .

Wilson – November 18, 2020
best treatment

we are new pigeon owners, we purchased this treatment for our pigeons and suppose it works. .