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Virbac Wound-Gard Spray  

Virbac Wound-Gard Spray  

26 customer reviews

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Wound Gard Spray For Dogs

What is Virbac Wound-Gard?

Virbac Wound-Gard is a topical antiseptic bitterant spray for dogs and cats. It can be used for treatment of all types of wounds. It assists in prevent further infection and self-mutilation. It disinfects wounds and promotes healing. Due to its bitter taste, pets are discouraged from licking their wounds. It comes in an easy to use spray bottle formulation.

How it works?

Chlorhexidine present in this spray assists in controlling gram positive bacteria and is also capable of killing gram negative bacteria. Phenoxythanol is especially effective against gram negative bacteria encompassing pseudomonas. Menthol present in the spray consists of local anesthetic and counter-irritant properties that prevents self-mutilation thereby encouraging normal wound healing.




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  • The bitter taste of the spray deters pets from licking the wound while the antiseptic present in the spray keeps the wound infection free
  • Assists in treating wounds in dogs and cats
  • It is a great option for post-operation patients to evade the usage of Elizabethan collar
  • Assessable in easy to use spray bottle
  • Helps prevent infection and self-mutilation

How to Use

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  • Shingle the bottle prior to usage
  • Smear on areas that are affected 3 times a day
  • As a guideline, spray 3-4 pumps for every 2 cm length of wound


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  • After applying the spray wash your hands properly with soap and water
  • Always wear protective gloves while spraying the treatment on the pet
  • Never put this spray in the eyes of the pet. If in case it enters the pet's eyes by accident rinse it with water for several times. If the irritation still persists visit the veterinarian
  • Do not allow the pet to swallow the treatment. If accidentally swallowed then rinse the pet's mouth properly
  • Keep the product in a cool and dry place in a closed container
  • Any remaining content of the product and the container needs to be disposed off to landfill


No contraindications found yet.

Virbac Wound-Gard Spray Ingredients

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Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Menthol, Denatonium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Eucalyptus Oil

Virbac Wound-Gard Spray Reviews (26)

Product Rated 4.5/5 (26 customer reviews)
Milly – February 13, 2023
Best of all

It heals wounds quickly and easily.

Abel – August 13, 2022

Love how effective it is.

Bryce – March 14, 2022
Does the job

No mess, only quick healing, with minimum efforts..

Raymond – September 07, 2021
Great for wounds

Its a wonderful treatment that protects and heals the wound..

Bella – August 11, 2021
Heals Completely

It is one of the better working treatment for wounds..

Camila – July 14, 2021
Happy After Using

An effective treatment against wounds..

Otto – April 19, 2021
Services are good

Had issues regarding this product. My issues were addressed politely and immediately..

Barrett – February 10, 2021
Quick wound repair and healing.

Best of all I have used. Must buy the product for quick wound repair and healing..

Michaela – January 19, 2021
Easy to use

Easy to use and effective enough to help healing the wounds. .

Stella – December 10, 2020
for severe wounds

it is even effective in treating severe wounds. for all our pets we mostly use this wound solution.