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Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder for Birds

23 customer reviews

Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder for Birds

$17.68 $12.63

  • $17.68 $12.63
  • Perfumed flea & tick insecticidal talc-based powder
  • Treats and controls fleas and ticks on birds
  • Controls feather mites, red mites and lice on cage birds and poultry
  • Can be sprinkled in bird cages and coops
  • Excellent for use in vacuum cleaner bags
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  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder Ingredients
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What is Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder?

Ultrum Powder is a perfumed powder used to control fleas and ticks found on dogs and cats. This treatment also controls the parasites like red mites, feather mites, and lice on birds. This powder is very effective and kills 100% fleas within 24 hours of administration. Ultram powder provides protection against flea eggs and larvae for more than three months. Ultram Powder is safe to apply to puppies and kittens. It can also be sprinkled on rabbits to control the parasites.

How It Works?

Ultram Powder contains a key ingredient called Propoxur. It affects the nervous system of the fleas and eventually eliminates these nasty parasites. The powder destroys fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. It prevents flea and tick infestations. The flea powder is easy to sprinkle and highly effective. This can also be used in a vacuum bag to destroy flea eggs while vacuuming. Ultram Power does not cause any skin irritation and safe for dogs and cats with sensitive skin.


  • Effectively controls fleas and ticks
  • Prevents flea and tick infestation
  • Controls the bird parasites like feather mites, red mites and lice on birds
  • Useful to treat flea eggs in vacuum bags
  • Safe for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and birds

How to Use

  • Use only as directed.
  • Dust the powder on the fur of the animals.
  • Dust on the bed and sleeping area of your pet.
  • Repeat dusting every week. In very severe case repeat it after 4 days.
  • For birds, you can hold the legs and dust the powder on the feather.


  • Only for the topical use.     
  • Safe to use on cat, dogs, rabbits and birds.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Not for the human.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.

Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder Ingredients


Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder Reviews (23)

Product Rated 4.5/5 (23 customer reviews)
Darren – June 01, 2022
Amazing product

All I have to do is, sprinkle it in their cage, and the treatment does all..

Carlos – November 13, 2021
Happy with it

I just have to sprinkle in their cages and the product does the rest. .

Coline – August 28, 2021
Truely Amazing

It has been effectively controlling flea infections on our bird..

Tyler – August 01, 2021
Good against mites too

The product has helped with our bird's mites condition..

Laura – June 28, 2021
Keep coming up with new such pet product

Such a great product range at this low rate. Loved it.

Atlas – March 11, 2021
Good Overall

My bird could not take the oral medicine so I had to find the alternate. I am glad to find this on Budgetvetcare and the prices are more that affordable. Shipping is great too. Over all good experience..

Steven – January 29, 2021
Works well

The product does what it says!.

Luca – December 16, 2020
Tick treatment

best tick treatment for our pigeons. specially helps to treat feather mites after racing season.

Perez – November 17, 2020
Five stars

will give it full five stars as it helped to shoo away all feather ticks from our feathery friend.

Wade – October 13, 2020
Pleased, no side effects

Very pleased with this product. sprinkled on my dogs several times without any problems. .