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The Herbal Pet Joint Formula for Dogs

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The Herbal Pet Joint Formula for Dogs

$43.15 $30.82

  • $43.15 $30.82
  • Joint supplement for dogs and cats
  • Helps in the treatment of joint-related ailments
  • Improves recovery from exercises
  • Reduces inflammation and stiffness
  • Helpful for arthritic pets
  • Composed of vegan components
  • Contains Devil’s claw
  • Information
  • Features
  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • The Herbal Pet Joint Formula Ingredients
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Herbal Pet Joint Formula

Herbal Pet Joint Formula is a nutritional supplement that helps treat arthritis and joint stiffness in cats and dogs. It also promotes recovery from strenuous exercises and relieves joint pain and inflammation. This formula should be administered orally and is suitable for all cat and dog breeds. Herbal Pet Joint Formula relieves pain and discomfort in senior pets. It consists of all vegan components along with numerous vitamins and minerals.

How Does Herbal Pet Joint Formula Work?

Herbal Pet Joint Formula is composed of various vitamins, herbs, and minerals. This formula consists of Devil&rsquo's Claw, which relieves inflammation and joint pain due to arthritis and other conditions. Other components of the formula help maintain healthy joints and promote relief to senior animals experiencing discomfort and pain.


  • Nutrition-rich supplements
  • Reduces inflammation in joints
  • Helps treat arthritis in senior pets
  • Aids in recovery of joint-related ailments
  • Formulated with vegan components
  • Nutrition-rich supplements
  • Reduces joint stiffness
  • Can be used for all dog and cat breeds

How to Use

  • Sprinkled the supplement on your pet’s food.
  • A 200g tub will last up to 1 month for a large breed dog and 2 months for cats.
  • Small breed pets (<22 lbs) - ½ teaspoon per day
  • Medium breed pets (22-44.1 lbs)- 1 level teaspoon per day
  • Large breed pets (44.1-88 lbs) -1 heaped teaspoon per day
  • Giant breed (>88.1 lbs)- 2 heaped tablespoons per day


  • Not suitable for pregnant pets.
  • Stop using the product if your pet shows signs of discomfort. Consult your vet for advice.
  • Not a substitute for medicines or food.
  • Do not club with any blood thinning treatment.
  • Do not use the formula if your pet takes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Do not use the product if your pet has gallstones or ulcers.

The Herbal Pet Joint Formula Ingredients

Devil's Claw, Methylsulphonyl methane, Glucosamine, Evening Primrose Oil, Phytosterols, Fenugreek, Kelp, Steak flavor.

The Herbal Pet Joint Formula Reviews (1)

Product Rated 5/5 (1 customer review)
Michael – June 06, 2023
Does the job

My oldie came back on its feet, thanks to this product.