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SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement for Dogs 450gm (30 Sticks)

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SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement for Dogs 450gm (30 Sticks)

$83.87 $59.91

  • $83.87 $59.91
  • Used as a valuable dietary supplement for younger dogs
  • Suitable for senior dogs showing signs of aging
  • Perfect for dogs that do not intake tablets or powders
  • Does not feature any artificial flavors or preservatives
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  • SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement Ingredients
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Seaflex Joint, Skin & Vitality for Dogs

SeaFlex for Dogs is a natural supplement composed to support joint health, skin condition and overall movement. The supplement benefits adult and senior dogs with signs of aging, arthritis and reduced activity. It also works well on dogs with dry skin and dull coat. It helps younger dogs by promoting overall good health. It is composed of good quality meats and human-grade ingredients and doesn’t contain artificial flavors or preservatives. The incredibly palatable chewable ‘treats’ are easily consumed even by the pickiest of eaters.

SeaFlex for dogs blends a broad spectrum of cell-supportive nutrients and antioxidants. The semi-moist chews are presented as stick treats and incorporates Sea Chondroitin, a patented marine nutrient derived from sea cucumber which is known for its unique properties. It comes with a short response time as noticeable improvements can be seen in 3 to 10 days.


  • All-natural supplement for joint, skin and overall vitality
  • Blends a broad range of cell-supportive nutrients and antioxidants
  • Improvements can be noticed on 3 days
  • Made of marine-sourced nutrients
  • Composed of Sea Chondroitin – a patented marine nutrient sourced from sea cucumber
  • Helps in joint movement for senior and arthritic dogs
  • Eases movement
  • Improves skin condition and shines the coat
  • Maintains good health in younger dogs
  • Conditions show dogs for perfect performance
  • Doesn’t come with artificial flavors and preservatives

How to Use

  • Add it to your dog’s food or give it as a treat
  • For optimum result, offer the supplement daily
  • No leading required. Start administering it right away


No. of Chews

15-30 kg (33-66 lbs)

1 chewable stick daily

31-60 Kg (68 – 132 lbs)

2 chewable sticks daily


  • In case of poisoning, contact a vet
  • Store the product below 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep the product away from direct sunlight
  • Discard the empty container by wrapping it in paper
  • Keep away from children and pets

SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Sea Chondroitin 1200mg, MSM 75mg, Turmeric 50mg, Kelp 150 mg, Blueberry fibre 150mg, Flaxseed 150mg, Green Tea 4mg, Arginine 200mg, Manganese 1mg, Calcium 200mg, Zinc 6mg, Vitamin D13.3ug and Vitamin E 5 mg

Other Ingredients: Poultry meal ( meat ), tapioca, rice, potato starch, glycerol, sea cucumber, chicken liver, cracked rice, calcium, chitin derivative, honey, salt, sugar, duck meal, arginine, kelp, blueberry fibre, flaxseed meal, smoke flavor, MSM, vegetable oil, tumeric, potassium sorbate, iron, zinc, superboost antioxidant mix, vitamin E, green tea, selenium, manganese, biotin, copper, vitamins A, B2 B1and B6.

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George – July 25, 2023
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