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Pharmacalm Oral Paste For Horse

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Pharmacalm Oral Paste For Horse

$57.50 $41.07

  • $57.50 $41.07
  • Effective calming solution for horses
  • Easy to administer formula
  • Does not affect the performance
  • Safe, all natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting relief
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  • Pharmacalm Oral Paste Ingredients
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Pharmacalm Paste for Horses – Calming Supplement

Pharmacalm Paste is a specially formulated paste designed to calm horses that suffer from anxiety and stress. The paste is made from all-natural ingredients such as amino acids and vitamin B that work to calm the central nervous system without affecting the horse's performance or learning ability. This makes it an ideal solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike who want to keep their horse calm in stressful situations, such as competitions, transportation, or vet visits.

The paste is easy to use and comes in a convenient syringe that can be administered orally.

Moreover, it provides long-lasting relief, making it the perfect calming supplement to ensure the horse's comfort and well-being. With EquifoxPharmacalm Paste, you can trust that you're providing your horse with a safe and effective solution that will help keep them calm and relaxed in stressful situations.

How it works?

Pharmacalm Paste works by regulating the central nervous system in horses. Active ingredients such as L-Tryptophan and Vitamin B in the paste help to calm the horse down without compromising their performance or learning ability. It provides long-lasting relief and is ideal for horses that are easily spooked, and suffers from anxiety or stress-related issues.


  • Effectively calms horses suffering from anxiety, stress, and agitation
  • Provides long-lasting relief, perfect calming solution
  • Ensures horse comfort and well-being
  • Made with safe, all-natural ingredients that do not contain any harmful substances
  • Convenient syringe for easy administration
  • Maintains the performance and learning ability of the horse

How to Use

  • It is recommended for use in horses 1 to 1.5 hours before competition, boxing, or any stressful occurrence.
  • In a severely stressful situation, a second tube of Pharmacalm Paste may be used about half an hour before the event.


Horse Weight

Pharmacalm Paste Dosage

Less than 770 lbs (350 kg)

½ tube one to one and a half hours before event

Over 770 lbs (350 kg)

1 whole tube one to one and a half hours before the event


  • For animal use only
  • Do not overdose
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Pharmacalm Oral Paste Ingredients


Pharmacalm Oral Paste Reviews (1)

Product Rated 4/5 (1 customer review)
Patricia – June 08, 2023
Does the job

We'll prefer buying this from now on.