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Medizole 100 Gm

22 customer reviews

Medizole 100 Gm

$24.68 $17.63

  • $24.68 $17.63
  • Treats and prevents Trichomoniasis (Crop Canker) in pigeons and cage birds
  • Effective against Hexamitosis, and Giardia
  • Prime grade Ronidazole used in formulation
  • Easy to dose, well accepted water-soluble powder
  • Safe to use during breeding season
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  • Medizole Ingredients
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Medizole Powder for Racing Pigeons and Birds

What is Medizole?

Medizole Powder is used in the systematic treatment of infections in birds. It treats and controls various infections in racing pigeons. The oral formula is highly effective against Trichomoniasis (Crop Canker), Hexamitosis, and Giardia in pigeons and cage birds. Medizole is easy to dose and easily soluble in water. The water-soluble formulation is safe to use for breeding season and pose no danger to birds. It keeps birds healthy during the peak season.

How It Works?

Medizole is an oral treatment. The broad spectrum treatment works against various infections including Giardia in racing pigeons. The active ingredient Ronidazole acts on viruses and controls the infection. The high-grade ingredient is safe to be given during breeding and racing season. The oral treatment when given as recommended controls various seasonal bacterial infections and prevents further diseases.


  • Highly beneficial treatment for Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis, and Giardia in pigeons and birds
  • Protects against multiple infections
  • Water soluble treatment
  • Best alternative to Meditrich to control resistance in bacteria
  • Safe for pigeons, raptors, breeding birds and cage birds

How to Use

  • Prepare solution by adding 5 gm of Medizole powder to 2 litres of drinking water for 3 to 5 continuous days.
  • Prepare fresh solution every day.


  • For birds use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Close the container properly after use.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.

Medizole Ingredients


Medizole Reviews (22)

Product Rated 4.5/5 (22 customer reviews)
Daryl – June 01, 2022
Happy with it

It worked wonderfully well on my birds..

Bob – August 26, 2021
Happy to buy it

I'm happy with the way the product has turned out..

Ashton – August 01, 2021
Very Effective

The product not only protects our birds against bacterial disease but also prevents further illness..

Ava – June 25, 2021
Keeps my birds happy and healthy

Thanks for this wonderful product. It keeps my birdies happy and healthy..

Jase – March 11, 2021
Best Place To Buy

It was really hard for me in finding out the right product my bird could take as he always had refused to take the tablet his doctor recommended. One of my friend had refered me to this place and I was over the moon when I found this here. Easy to give and amazing prices!.

Anna – January 29, 2021
Treats and prevent infections

Treats as well as controls infection in racing pigeons. Go for it!.

Gabriella – December 09, 2020
powerful treatment

Powerful treatment for our birds.

Phillips – November 18, 2020
best product

best quality product. happy with the purchase.

Dante – October 06, 2020
Treating infections

It is the best when it comes to treatment bird infections.

Jamie – September 08, 2020
Classic product

Classic product with no negative thing to say.