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Mediworm Powder for Caged Birds

30 customer reviews

Mediworm Powder for Caged Birds

$15.08 $10.77

  • $15.08 $10.77
  • A broad spectrum deworming powder for cage and aviary birds
  • Mediworm is the golden standard in routine deworming
  • Highly effective against Roundworm, Hairworm and Tapeworm
  • Extremely safe, causes no regurgitation and is very economical
  • Especially helpful during breeding season
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  • Mediworm Powder Ingredients
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Mediworm for Birds

What is Mediworm?

Mediworm is a specifically formulated product for multiple worm infections in aviary and caged birds. The product effectively removes any infections caused by roundworms, hairworms or tapeworms. Moreover, Mediworm doesn’t have any side effects and has a palatable flavour which is readily accepted by all birds. Apart from that, Mediworm can be helpful in breeding as well as racing seasons.

How It Works?

Mediworm contains two active ingredients Praziquantel and Pyrantel pamoate that act as anthelminthics and are extremely effective in eliminating the intestinal worm infestation quickly.


  • Removes roundworms, tapeworms and hairworms
  • Extremely effective in breeding season
  • No side effects like stomach upsets or indigestion, etc.
  • Is palatable
  • Easy to mix with food
  • Safe for use in caged birds

How to Use

  • Mix 5gms (Mediworm powder) plus 20ml of water.
  • Take this suspension and mix it with 100gms of soft food or seeds.
  • Feed as per the label and discard the left over.
  • Prepare fresh dosage every day.


  • The food contents must not be touched with wet hands.
  • The container must be kept in a cool and dry place, below 25 degree Celsius
  • Keep the product out of reach of children and pets.
  • The container must be kept tightly closed.
  • Wash hands after handling the product.

Mediworm Powder Ingredients

Praziquantel, Pyrantel pamoate

Mediworm Powder Reviews (30)

Product Rated 4.5/5 (30 customer reviews)
Marry – August 31, 2023
Best for My Birdies

It keeps them safe and protected from those unwanted invaders..

Riley – July 31, 2023

I am happy with the results.

Andrea – June 30, 2023
Nice powder

Even protects against hairworms.

Jack – June 03, 2023
Happy customer

My vet recommended this for worming solution.

Berneddete – May 07, 2023
Easy to feed

Convenience to administer.

Rebeca – March 29, 2023
Favourite one

my dog like this worming solution the most.

Jimmy – November 08, 2022
Works well

I completely rely on it for my parrot's health.

Alex – May 31, 2022
A must for pet parents

It has improve my pet's health and i am very happy to find this product here.

Thomas – November 13, 2021
Its Amazing

Mediworm works well specially during the breeding season..

Joy – November 13, 2021
Great Product

We've had a tapeworm issue on our baby but this product worked out well for her..