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Leaks No More for Cats and Dogs

Leaks No More for Cats and Dogs

19 customer reviews

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  • $26.05 $18.61

Product Review

  • Provides relief from frequent urination
  • Aids in reducing urinary incontinence in aging pets
  • Specially made for older and aging pets
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe and suitable homeopathic treatment

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Leaks No More for Dogs/Cats

What Is Leaks No More for Dogs/Cats?

Urine inconsistency is one of the common problems that engulf old age pets like spayed females or neutered males. Leaks No More is a natural homeopathic treatment for urine inconsistency problems in dogs and cats. Manufactured by Homeopet, this product contains ingredients like Alumina (Oxide of Aluminum), Cantharis (Spanish Fly), Causticum, Gelsemium Sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine), Plantago Major (Plantain) that reduces the urinary inconsistency issues in dogs and cats.

How It Works?

The ingredients present in the treatment tighten the muscles that get weaken in old age, post-spaying or neutering. This helps the pet to control the frequent urination in small amounts, inconsistence from excitement, profuse clear watery flow, and leakage of urine during sleep.



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  • It provides relief from problems such as frequent urination in small amounts, inconsistence from excitement, clear watery flow, and leakage of urine during sleep
  • The homeopathic remedy helps to reduce incontinence in dogs and cats
  • The product is specially made for old dogs and cats
  • This product helps your pet to improve the urine inconsistency situation

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  • Feed it directly or mix it with water, food or milk
  • This product can be given thrice a day i.e. morning, in the evening and at bedtime.
  • Doses can be reduced to two times a day if the improvement is seen.
  • Please stop the treatment if your pet shows no signs of incontinence.



  • Under 20 lbs*/ 10kg - Give 5 drops three times a day to start
  • 20-100 lbs / 10- 50 kg – Give 10 drops three times a day to start
  • Over 100 lbs - Give 15 drops three times a day to start


  • Under 20 lbs* / 10 kg - Give 5 drops three times a day to start

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  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Don’t overdose as it may result in the return of symptoms.
  • Sensitive pets that are sensitive to homeopathic treatments should be initially given only as a single dose. Proceed with caution or consult your vet
  • Pregnant dogs and cats can be treated only after consulting the vet

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  • Alumina (Oxide of Aluminum)
  • Cantharis (Spanish Fly)
  • Causticum
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine)
  • Plantago Major (Plantain)

Leaks No More Reviews (19)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (19 customer reviews)
Colleen – August 28, 2021
Happy with it

It has suited our dog very well and the key thing is, it doesnt have any side effects too..

John – August 03, 2021
Works Well

This product was significantly effective in our dog's urinary problem..

Luna – June 28, 2021
Happy shopping here

Glad I found this site where I get products at very low price. Amazing .

Jaylen – April 05, 2021
Does the job!

Our newly adopted puppy used to wet the floor every now and then, but since I've started using this product, his habit of wetting the floor has started to reduce consistently..

Narella – February 01, 2021
Best for Urine Inconsistency Problems

No more urine inconsistency. Thanks for this wonderful product.