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HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats 14 gm

7 customer reviews

HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats 14 gm

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  • $27.29 $19.49
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HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats

What is HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats?

HP healing cream is a homeopathic ointment comprising of non-steroidal and anti-infective ingredients that heal skin cuts, wounds, swelling, bites, and burns. The treatment is suitable for all species of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc. The healing cream treats and cures infectious and non-responsive wounds. It also reduces swelling and relieves your pet from pain and shock caused due to injury.

How It Works?

The homeopathic ointment contains healing ingredients that treat-

  • Deep routed scars
  • Wounds, burns
  • Ulcers
  • Surgical wounds\
  • Cracked skin &coat
  • Bedsores and other external injuries.


  • Treats all sorts of wounds from minor to major external wounds
  • Quick in action treatment
  • Heals deep routed external wounds, non-responsive, skin cuts, ulcers, sunburns, scratches, injuries etc.
  • Safe for all species of dogs, cats , rabbits, birds, etc
  • The best supportive treatment for all kinds of septic wounds including acute or chronic ones
  • Can be given with other treatments without worrying

How to Use

  • Spread the healing cream on the affected area such that it covers the entire wounded or infected area
  • Apply thrice a day
  • The affected area should be washed and cleaned before applying the treatment
  • Apply the ointment around the area in case of surgical or puncture wounds


  • Do not use on fish.
  • Consult your vet before using it on your pregnant pets.
  • The cream is very safe and doesn’t show any adverse effects.
  • Wash hands after applying the cream.

HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats Ingredients

Monkshood, Leopards Bane, Iodide of Arsenic, Deadly Nightshade, Bruisewort, Wild Hops, Pot Marigold, German Chamomile, Purple Cone-Flower, Black Sampson, Black Pencil Lead, Witch Hazel, Calcium SulphideSt. John's WOrt, Bushmaster Snake, Marsh, Tea, Yarrow Mercury, Pokeweed, Garden Rue, Poison Oak, Pure Flint, Chickweed, Subliminated Sulphur, Comfrey, Arbor Vitae.

HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats Reviews (7)

Product Rated 4.4/5 (7 customer reviews)
Josue – April 09, 2020
Best product

Best product at low prices.

Donald – February 24, 2020
healing cream

nothing better than this for our two cats and a dog.

WILLIAM – January 21, 2020
Great service

Great service! Great product, Thank you so much!.

Shaw – December 08, 2019
healing cream

this all natural healing cream is such a great stuff.

Karen – November 13, 2019
healing cream

heals quickly .

Jack – August 29, 2019

Excellent. Super delivery. Working well for my dog. Excellent service. .

Kin – August 26, 2019
Healing good

best natural product for wounds. heals faster.