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Ecovet Eco - Epilep Liquid

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Ecovet Eco - Epilep Liquid

$42.63 $30.45

  • $42.63 $30.45
  • Helps treat epilepsy, fits, and head and spinal injuries.
  • Reduces the severity and frequency of seizures
  • Helps support the nervous system
  • Aids in stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Safe, natural, and effective alternative to supplements
  • Easy to use and tranquilizer-free remedy
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  • Ecovet Eco - Epilep Liquid Ingredients
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Eco-Vet Eco-Epilep – Natural Homeopathic Remedy

Eco-Vet Eco-Epilep is a natural herbal treatment designed as an adjuvant to help animals with a variety of chronic and acute health concerns. It provides additional assistance to pets suffering from seizures, epilepsy, or head and skull traumas. This tranquilizer-free product, designed to aid in the treatment of epilepsy, fits, concussions, and head and spinal injuries in animals, provides an excellent option for reducing seizures while improving their general health condition.

How it works?

Eco-Vet Eco-Epilep is a homeopathic supplemental treatment made up of various herbs and plants. The formulation acts as an adjuvant to repair epilepsy, concussion, and convulsion in animals. Unlike conventional treatments, Ecovet herbal treatment has no negative effects on animals while healing.


  • Natural and effective herbal solution for epilepsy and other neurological conditions
  • Helps manage epileptic seizures in dogs
  • Supports in the treatment of head and spinal injuries
  • Helps in the treatment of epilepsy, concussion, convulsions, and fits in animals
  • Gently and effectively reduces the frequency and severity of seizures
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Easy to use, safe, and tranquilizer-free solution
  • Perfect supplement for use as an s supportive epilepsy treatment

How to Use

  • Since it contains 20% ethanol, it is advised to dilute the product before ingestion.
  • If your pet cannot tolerate water, milk can be used to dilute it.
  • You can also offer a modest treat as a reward (this may jeopardize the product's effectiveness).
  • When used for direct oral delivery via the mouth, dilute it with clean water and set it alone for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to vaporize.
  • To administer the recommended dose of the diluted product directly into the mouth, use a clean, dry plastic spoon or syringe.
  • Give the suggested dose at least 10 minutes before eating or using any other treatments or supplements.
  • If you are utilizing multiple Eco-Vet treatments at the same time, it is recommended to use them 10 minutes apart.

Suggest Dose and Frequency:

For acute epilepsy or head injuries: Give the recommended dose every 30 minutes for 4 doses. Then give a dose every 3 hours for 3 doses.  Thereafter reduce the frequency to 3 times daily until symptoms are under control.

For chronic problems: Give the recommended dose three times daily.


  • Not for human use
  • Always read the labeled information before use
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the product
  • Keep away from children and other household pets

Ecovet Eco - Epilep Liquid Ingredients

Artemisia absinthium 30CH, Buforana 30CH, Calcareacarbonica 30CH, Daturastramonium 30CH, Ferrumcyanatum 12X, Gelsemiumsempervirens 30CH, Helleborusniger 30CH, Hyoscyamusniger 30CH, Natriumsulphuricum 30CH, Oenanthecrocata 12X,20% Ethanol.

Ecovet Eco - Epilep Liquid Reviews (1)

Product Rated 4/5 (1 customer review)
Harold – June 08, 2023
Valuable product

Worked really well and provided great results..