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Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats

2 customer reviews

Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats

$30.98 $22.13

  • $30.98 $22.13
  • Calms and soothes upset tummies of dogs and cats
  • Helps pets suffering from motion sickness
  • Relieves from bloating and stomach and aids in digestion
  • Can be used for a long period or short period
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  • Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats Ingredients


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Dorwest Digestive Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Dorwest Digestive Tablets are the perfect solution for your pet’s gurgly, windy and flatulent tummy. These tablets are made with natural herbs to ease digestion and provide a soothing effect on your pet’s stomach. This can be used for dogs and cats with upset stomachs and can be taken before starting an event or a journey. The supplement tablets can be used for a long time for sensitive pets, or for a short time for settling digestion. It can also be used in pets that suffer from motion sickness.

It is suitable for pets older than the age of 8 weeks.

How does the Digestive Tablet work?

The digestive tablet contains ginger and valerian, which eases the digestive system and increases bowel activity. It also has rhubarb and peppermint which aids the digestive process and the slippery elm bark keeps the stool consistency in check.




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  • Helps to soothe upset tummies
  • Made with natural ingredients, aids in smooth digestion
  • Ginger and valerian relieve bloating and calm an upset stomach
  • Rhubarb, peppermint, and slippery elm aid in digestion and keep stool consistency in check
  • Can be used for sensitive pets for a long period
  • Can also be used for a short period before a particular event
  • It can also be used for pets who suffer from motion sickness

How to Use

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  • Give after food as required to aid in digestion or give 2 hours before any event when needed
  • Use 1 tablet per 10kg (22lbs) of bodyweight


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  • Suitable to use after 8 weeks of age
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets
  • In case of side effects, consult a vet

Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats Ingredients

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Slippery Elm (10mg), Rhubarb root extract (4:1), Valerian root extract (4:1), Ginger root extract (20:1), Peppermint Oil (0.2mg)

Calcium Carbonate, Microcrystalline cellulose, gum myrhh extract (4:1), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, celllose coating

Dorwest Digestive Tablets For Dogs And Cats Reviews (2)

Product Rated 5/5 (2 customer reviews)
Jason – November 08, 2022
Works well

I love giving this to Peach, her digestion is much more smoother than before..

Susan – October 10, 2022

This is a really good product. We loved using this, easily helped my pet feel much better. Great choice! .