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Dermoscent BIO BALM for Dogs

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Dermoscent BIO BALM for Dogs

$50.39 $35.99

  • $50.39 $35.99
  • Created and developed by veterinarians
  • Helps dogs in various skin conditions
  • Easy-to-use topical formula
  • Composed with organic-certified components
  • Protects and repairs dog skin and coats
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  • Features
  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • Dermoscent BIO BALM Ingredients
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Bio Balm Skin Care Treatment for Dogs

Bio Balm from Dermoscent is a skin care treatment to be used topically in dogs. The formula helps dogs with various skin conditions. It nourishes and supports the repair of dry noses and canine foot pads. This topical composition alleviates interdigital irritations and moisturizes and relaxes rough, cracking, and thickened skin.

Bio Balm acts as a repairing and protective agent for dry and thickened dog skin parts such as calluses, pads, the nose, and elbows. This formula protects paw pads when the dog is out in extreme heat and cold. It is a water-resistant composition that is free of artificial fragrances, petroleum, and mineral oil.

How does Bio Balm work?

Bio Balm is composed of organic-certified ingredients such as Soybean Oil and Cajeput essential oil. These ingredients collectively protect and repair dog skin. This formula soothes skin irritations and reduces non-infected calluses.


  • Aids in damaged or dry nose and paw pads
  • Helps dogs with non-infected calluses
  • Soothes interdigital irritations
  • Protects dog pads during hot & cold weather and sport activities
  • Can be used as long-term solution to manage huperkeratosis
  • Does not contain petroleum or added fragrances

How to Use

  • Use Bio Balm to clean and well-dried parts on dog's skin, including nose, foot pads, elbows, etc.
  • Use the application once or as suggested by the vet.
  • On dry nose & pads and non-infected calluses- Apply once or many times a day
  • For paw care- Use before going out and coming back


  • Not to be ingested
  • Keep away from light, unknown people, children and pets
  • Store at a cool, dry place

Dermoscent BIO BALM Reviews (1)

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Nathan – June 09, 2023
Let's See

I ordered it for the first time, hope it comes soon.