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Dermavet For Dogs

77 customer reviews

Dermavet For Dogs

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As pet parents, nobody wants to see their pets with wounds and even worse getting a wound infection due to ineffective treatment. DermaVet is an effective antiseptic cream that quickly heals wound, lesions and cuts as well as ear infections. Specially formulated for dogs, DermaVet is a topical treatment for slow healing wounds and septic abrasions.

DermaVet Cream for Dogs:

DermaVet Cream for dogs is an EPA approved product for treating skin and ear infections. An over-the-counter prescription, this topical cream provides faster relief from dermatological disorders including lesions, acute and chronic ear infections, inflamed skin and bacterial infection on dogs.

The active ingredients in ointment help in treating eczematous and seborrheic dermatitis along with interdigital cysts and anal gland infections. 

The antiseptic substance in solution clears infection while the steroid component decreases itching, which will not encourage pets from licking or scratching the affected area.

DermaVet cream is an effective topical treatment for most superficial bacterial infections. It is also beneficial for moist and dry dermatitis and eczema and parasitic infestation. It is an all-in-one: antiflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial cream that gives relief from various dermatological conditions including wounds, lesions, abrasions and cuts.

DermaVet is highly preferable as it provides long-lasting and rapid symptomatic relief. It is an Ayurvedic formulation thus safe for dogs and puppies.


  • Treats wounds, cuts and lesions
  • An Ayurveda formulation
  • Relieves pain and prevents itching
  • Effective in controlling bacterial and fungal infection
  • Supports faster recovery
  • Provides cooling effect

How to Use

Administration of DermaVet is dependent on the severity of the wound. For mild inflammation, cream application range from once a day to once a week or as prescribed by your vet.

Always clean the affected area, removing any pus or encrusted discharge and then apply DermaVet cream sparingly in a thin film.

Carefully apply the cream liberally over the entire wound surface.


For severe conditions, apply DermaVet as often as two to three times daily. As wound starts healing, decrease the frequency of application.

For the infections in dog’s ear, clean the ear thoroughly before the application of cream.

In case of infected anal glands and cystic areas, make certain that you drain gland and cyst before applying DermaVet, and then fill wound with cream.

For all dermatological disorders, apply DermaVet cream in a thin film after cleaning the area.


DermaVet cream is strictly recommended for topical use only. It should be applied under supervision of a qualified person.

When applying the cream on pet, wear protective gloves or wash hands after application. 

Keep out of reach of children, pets and uninformed persons. Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat (104 F).

More Information:

Safety and precautions:

DermaVet is not advisable for dogs that are in the last trimester of pregnancy, due to ointment containing corticosteroids.

It is also not recommended for puncture wounds, deep incisions and abscesses or deep-seated infections such as inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.

If regular usage does not improve wound condition within 10 days, it is better to visit your veterinarian.

Side Effects

Sometimes, DermaVet usage causes a local hypersensitivity reaction. In such case, please contact your vet.

Some breeds of dogs are allergic to some ingredients of DermaVet cream, which results into excessive drinking, urination and rarely vomiting or diarrhea. Additionally, Cushing’s syndrome in dogs is observed due to prolonged or repeated treatment.


DermaVet cream should be strictly avoided for ophthalmic use. Safety of cream application in pregnant and lactating bitches is not recognized. It is highly recommended to not exceed the stated dose unless otherwise prescribed by a veterinarian.

Dermavet Ingredients

DermaVet cream contains:

  • Shorea robusta
  • Azadirachta indica
  • Pangamia pinnata
  • Cassia tora
  • Ficus infectoria
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Celastrus panniculatus
  • Jasad bhasam

Dermavet Reviews (77)

Product Rated 4.4/5 (77 customer reviews)
Calvin – February 20, 2024
Truly wonderful

Its truly wonderful. Worked for my pal and has given the needed relief to my pet..

Kai – January 24, 2024
Amazig discounts

The shop has great discounts on allthe pet products.

Arthur – December 21, 2023
Quick relief

Provides great and quick relief to my itchy pet skin.

Benjamin – November 25, 2023
SKin relief

Provides great skin relief to my furry friend. Would highly recommend to every pet parent like me..

Cayden – October 19, 2023

We always stock this product for accidental situations and faster healilng of wounds,.

Zander – September 15, 2023
Worthy Product

Used for healing wounds on my injured Shabby and it gave great results. Would highly recommend this.

Zander – September 15, 2023
Worthy Product

Used for healing wounds on my injured Shabby and it gave great results. Would highly recommend this.

Juliana – August 20, 2023

Affordable product. Cheaper than the local store..

Rue – July 20, 2023
Long lasting effect

Relieved skin irritation for my dog..

Isaac – June 23, 2023
Quick delivery

The services are very professional and the auto-delivery feature is time-saving..