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Avert Bitter Spray For Birds

Avert Bitter Spray For Birds

25 customer reviews

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  • $17.65 $12.61

Product Review

  • Extremely bitter solution to protect bandages or dressings
  • Protects bandages from chewing
  • Prevents feather plucking in birds
  • Controls licking and biting of wounds
  • Made of completely natural ingredients
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Avert Bitter Solution – Anti-Lick Bitter Solution for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Horses

What is Avert Bitter Solution?

Avert Bitter Solution is an excellent bitterant spray for application on bandages and dressings or around open wounds. It helps to control biting, licking and chewing of wounds. The extremely bitter solution discourages pets from chewing, licking, and biting wounds, bandages, stitches and household items. When used on birds, it discourages feather-plucking. Avert Bitter solution when applied to surfaces in stable, discourages horses from crib biting and wind-sucking.

How It Works?

Avert Bitter Solution is designed to control unwanted licking and biting behavior of cats and dogs. It contains special bitterant ingredients Denatonium benzoate – a type of bitter ingredient, amalgamated with bitter orange oil and eucalyptus oil. The bitterant agency discourages animals from licking and chewing the affected area. The alcohol based solution, when applied, evaporates quickly from the bandages and dressings, leaving them dry and along with the bitterant activity. The extremely unpleasant and bitter nature of Avert will stop animals from biting the wounds when treated with this product.


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  • Protects dogs and cats against unwanted biting and licking
  • Controls licking and biting of wounds
  • Protects bandages from chewing
  • Prevents feather plucking in birds
  • Stops crib biting and wind-sucking in horses

How to Use

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Dogs & Cats

  • Apply on the areas or surfaces to be protected.
  • Repeat as required.


  • Spray on the affected areas like plumage or treated area.


  • Apply on solid surfaces to be protected to discourage crib-biting.
  • Reapply in case the animal starts undesirable behavior.


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  • For veterinary use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Wear gloves while spraying.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Highly inflammable. Keep away from open flames.
  • Do not apply on carpet, furniture or curtains.
  • Close the container tightly after use.
  • Do not spray in the air.

Avert Bitter Spray Ingredients

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Denatonium benzoate, together with bitter orange oil and eucalyptus oil

Avert Bitter Spray Reviews (25)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (25 customer reviews)
Gus – October 12, 2022

Prices like for such amazing product is a bummer.

Monica – May 31, 2022
must have for all the pets

Very good product works great for dogs and cats as well as other domestic pet.

Kevin – May 31, 2022
A must buy for every pet parents

You never know when you will be needing this, it is very effective and prevents pets from infecting their wound areas..

Danny – November 12, 2021
Happy after using

I've used it so I can say that it effectively controls licking and biting of wounds. .

Aaron – August 26, 2021
Expecting to arrive soon

Just have ordered them a week ago, hope they arrive soon..

Theresa – August 01, 2021
It's a great buy

Effectively works on our bird..

Leah – June 25, 2021
Best formula

Using for months and never got disappointed with the product. Best for my pal!.

Kyler – March 04, 2021
Does the job!

My pet used to leak her wound and as a result the medicated oinment was ingested that caused her abdominal discomfort last month. The bitter taste of this spray has made her not to leak it after I used this. Full marks to the product..

Suzanne – January 29, 2021
This product is amazing.

This product is amazing. I tried it for my Eclectus who plucked himself terribly naked around his wounds and I truly believe that this helped to control his biting..

Flint – December 22, 2020
Controlled Biting Of Wounds

Finally, my coop is not biting and plucking his feathers. Great product!.