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Simparica Chewables For Very Small Dogs 2.5-5kg (5.5 to 11lbs) Purple

Simparica Chewables For Very Small Dogs 2.5-5kg (5.5 to 11lbs) Purple

111 customer reviews

$43.75 $31.25

  • $43.75 $31.25
  • $86.28 $61.63

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Product Review

  • Simparica Purple Pack- Specifically formulated for very small dogs
  • Suitable for very small dogs weighing 5.5-11lbs
  • Each tasty chewable tablet contains 10mg Sarolaner
  • Starts killing fleas within 3 hours
  • Single dose prevents fleas for 35 days
  • Treats and controls five types of ticks
  • Efficiently treats mange and mites
  • Safe for all breeds of dogs
  • Available in tasty 3 and 6 doses chewable pack sizes
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  • Features
  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • Simparica Chewables Ingredients


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Simparica Purple Pack for Very Small Dogs 5.5 - 11lbs

Simparica Chewables for Very Small Dogs is a safe and effective monthly flea and tick prevention for toy dogs. It is a great tasting chewable that kills fleas and ticks for 35 days, giving you a little extra wiggle room at the end of the month to ensure your dog is protected even if you are late to dose again. It kills 5 types of ticks in dogs, including the Gulf Coast ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, black-legged ticks, and brown dog ticks. Simparica for Dogs also prevents Lyme disease in dogs as a result of the direct killing of deer ticks.

Simparica Purple (5.5 – 11 pounds) offers persistent continuous protection against fleas and ticks for an entire month, without losing effectiveness at the end of the month. It is a fast-acting treatment that starts killing fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours of administration. Simparica Chews for Very Small Dogs Purple Pack is suitable for very small dogs 6 months of age and older, weighing between 5.5 and 11lbs.

Simparica (Sarolaner) Flea and Tick Treatment for Very Small Dogs (10mg)

Each tasty chewable tablet of Simparica Purple pack contains 10mg sarolaner and is specifically designed for toy dogs. Sarolaner, the active ingredient, is an insecticide and acaricide that belongs to the group of isoxazoline. It causes uncontrolled muscular activity in insects, causing them to die.

A single dose of Simparica purple protects puppies from fleas and ticks for 35 days. It is available as Simparica 3-month supply (3 chews) and Simparica 6-month supply (6 chews).




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  • Treats fleas, ticks, mange and mites
  • Destroys fleas before they lay eggs
  • Controls flea infestation
  • Kills ticks faster reducing the chances of tick infestation
  • Eliminates mites lowering the risk of skin problems
  • Offers protection against parasites for up to 35 days
  • Highly palatable monthly chew

How to Use

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  • Dosage depends on dog’s weight.
  • Administer the tablet orally or mix it with food.
  • Ensure the dog finishes the whole food for complete dosage.
  • Should be given on the monthly basis.


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  • Not recommended for cats.
  • Safe to use for any breed of dogs.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Not recommended for breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Simparica may not be suitable for dogs with a history of seizures, ataxia and muscle tremors. A vet's advice is hence mandatory. .

Simparica Chewables Ingredients

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Simparica Chewables Reviews (111)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (111 customer reviews)
Rudy Fuentes – March 15, 2023
Right product

Easy subscription service.

Silvi – March 05, 2023
Wonderful Product

A cost effective parasite treatmenttreatment, I really liked it for my dog.

Tyler – February 16, 2023

Prevents pests and is effective in keeping them away..

Jenny – February 08, 2023

Great experience buying and using the product..

No Fleas Now – December 10, 2022
Thumps up

I would recommend to all parents an essential solution for pets.

Holand – November 16, 2022

Chewable treatmet seems tasty to my pet.

Vera – November 14, 2022
Value for money

Shows amazing result, with only one application.

Robert – October 21, 2022
Excellent product

Never had an issue, using this from past 3 years.

Rebecca Gasparino – October 02, 2022
Effective with a great price!

Not only is the product effective but it comes as a good discount. Got it quick even though hurricane Ian came through!.

Nala – September 20, 2022
Geat deal

Revolution did the job! Now I can rest assured that my kitty is safe..