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Seaflex Joint Function 100Gm

Seaflex Joint Function 100Gm

24 customer reviews

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SeaFlex Joint Function for Cats is a bio marine nutritional supplement formulated for adult felines. It contains nutrients necessary for building cartilage, skin coat, tendons and healthy joints in cats. Made up of marine nutrients, this natural product has no artificial flavors and thus no side effects. Scientifically designed, these palatable kibbles with chicken flavor are a treat for the cats.

Suitable for aging cats facing joint related disorders, lack of mobility, dull and dry coat, this unique form of joint care is very easy to administer. It is a fast working joint care that keeps the structural framework of joints healthy plus gives conditioning effect to the skin and coat of the feline. You can also give these chewable to younger cats as a tonic to boost their vitality and optimum health. 

What is SeaFlex Joint Function?

SeaFlex Joint Function Health Supplement is an ultimate option to provide best joint care to felines, especially fussy cats. This nutritional treat provides various important nutrients for growing kittens, adult cats and senior cats. It improves mobility, supports joint function, and enhances coat and skin condition in adult and aging cats. SeaFlex Joint Function helps maintain your cat’svitality and energy.

Safe to use in cats and kittens.

How It Works?

SeaFlex is an innovative bio-marine product rich in essential anti-oxidants, marine carotenoids, amino acids, marine trace minerals, branch chain fatty acids, high levels of vitamins and minerals, as well as unique patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients. These ingredients supports maintenance of joint health, improves coat and skin shine, and helps in leading healthy and active life.


Value Plus


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  • An ideal option for aging and adult cats
  • Helps retain energy level throughout the day
  • Healthy supplement for cats showing signs of aging
  • Assists in improving mobility, activity and quality of life
  • Supports muscle growth in kittens
  • Also improves skin and coat texture and sheen
  • Best alternative of powder and tablets for fussy cats and kittens

How to Use

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  • Give it directly to your cat as a treat
  • An average cat requires one chewable stick per day
  • Adjust number of sticks as required for small and large cats as directed by your vet.

For further information on complete directions and warnings, please read the product label.


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  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store it in a cool and dry place sealed pack
  • Do not overfeed

Seaflex Joint Function Ingredients

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Fresh chicken and poultry meals, fish meal, whole grains and rice, soy flour, shrimp, honey, kelp (for iodone) and flax seed (for Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

Seaflex Joint Function Reviews (24)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (24 customer reviews)
Prince – March 31, 2022
May buy again

Effective enough to prompt me buy it again..

Kelly – October 21, 2021
Key Supplement

Our is an aged cat that needs vital nutrients and Seaflex is one of them..

Beverley – August 24, 2021
Helps move freely

Successfully helps our fog with his mobility issues..

Jasmin – July 27, 2021
Works well

The product is very effective especially in old age dogs..

Aidenv – May 10, 2021
Happy and satisfied

I had queries regarding my order and its contents, and the customer service here was extremely helpful! .

Dianne – January 27, 2021
Shinny Coat and Stronger Legs

It helps to protect my senior feline coat shiny and her legs strong. Would recommend this.

Ariana – December 07, 2020
Joint funciton

it has greatly improved the mobility in our aging cats..

Anderson – November 23, 2020
would recommend

can't find better joint supplement than this for the aging cats. go for it.

Cohen – October 10, 2020
best treatment

My kitty had stiff joints but after we started this her condition improved and she is moving smoothly around'.

Edna – September 07, 2020
joint supplement

high quality product at low prices. would recommend. .