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Medpet 4 In 1 Tablets for Birds

(15 customer reviews)
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Product Review

  • Treats paratyphoid, canker, coccidiosis and especially E.coli
  • Easy to dose small tablet for single treatment
  • Ideal for treatment when a firm diagnosis is still pending
  • Ultimate high quality 4-in-1 tablet
  • Safe and economical

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Medpet 4-in-1 Tablets for Birds and Pigeons

What is Medpet 4-in-1 Tablets?

Medpet 4 in 1 tablets are used for treating cage birds and pigeons for four kinds of problems – Cankers, Paratyphoid, E. Coli and Coccidiosis. It is a preliminary treatment for all these problems found in birds. The powder is a safe and affordable treatment, which can be given before diagnosis as well. The preventive and curative treatment gives excellent results for birds.

How It Works?

Furaltadone and Ronidazole are the active ingredients of the tablets. Their combined action results in treating four types of health problems in birds. The active ingredients act actively on the infections and controls further damage. It works against four major infections and protects birds from recurring diseases. The oral formula is easy to dose as the water-soluble formula readily dissolves and well accepted by birds.



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  • Effective against bacterial infections in birds
  • An ideal treatment when final diagnosis is pending
  • Treats multiple diseases in pigeons
  • Works against paratyphoid, canker, coccidiosis and especially E.coli
  • Safe for birds and pigeons
  • Easy to dose tablet
  • Highly affordable

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  • To prevent any of the above mentioned bird health problems, administer 1 tablet as the standard dose. Give for three consecutive days.
  • To treatment of the above mentioned bird health problems, give 1 tablet for 5 consecutive days.

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  • The tablets are highly safe for pigeons and birds.
  • Consult a veterinarian for further guidance. 

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Medpet 4 In 1 Tablets Reviews (15)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (15 customer reviews)
Price – November 18, 2020
Best treatment

best treatment and preventive...for our chickens.

Hendrix – October 10, 2020
Happy withthe product

We are happy with the product and we dont have any complaints.

Tonya – September 07, 2020
bird product

perfect bird product for our flock. helps to deal with multiple infections. .

Dominick – August 16, 2020
best for coop

For our coop, we prefer this treatment before the onset of racing season. quality product. .

Mara – June 10, 2020

Kept our four weeks chirpie from getting sick. It helped to treat and control further infections. .