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Malacetic Otic Ear for Dogs

(14 customer reviews)
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Product Review

  • Easy ear cleansing treatment for dogs
  • Effective against bacterial and fungal infections
  • Gets rid of wax and grease easily
  • Leaves an apple scent fragrance
  • Used as a routine ear cleaner for dogs

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Malacetic Otic Ear Cleanser – Ear Cleansing Drops for Dogs and Cats

What is Malacetic Otic Ear Solution?

Malacetic Otic ear cleansing solution is a hypoallergenic ear solution for dogs and cats. The ear cleansing solution cleans the ears and dries excess moisture. It removes dirt, grease and excess wax from ears of dogs and cats. Malacetic Otic has antibacterial property that treats bacterial, yeast and fungal skin infections. The medicated formulation prevents infections and maintains pet’s sensitive ears. With deodorising and degreasing action, the ear cleansing solution keeps ears dry and clean. Specially formulated for pets, Malacetic Otic ear drops is all natural ear-cleansing solution for pet’s ears.

How It Works?

Malacetic Otic is specially formulated for cleaning dog and cat’s ears. It contains boric acid and acetic acid as the two active ingredients. The key ingredient – acetic acid provides antifungal, antibacterial and degreasing properties. The other ingredient – boric acid is a drying agent, which reduces excess moisture and prevents growth of bacteria and bacterial infections in ears. The cleansing solution keeps ears odor free and clean.



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  • Natural medicated solution for cleaning ears
  • Dries the ears of dogs and cats
  • Removes dirt and excess wax and grease from pet ears
  • Provides antibacterial efect
  • Treats mild to moderate bacterial or fungal infections
  • Maintains pH level of skin surface making it unfavorable for the overgrowth of fungus or yeast
  • Prevents bad ear odor
  • Safe for use in dogs and cats as no toxic substances used

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  • Break open the seal.
  • Apply the Malacetic otic clear liberally to ear.
  • Massage at the base of the ear.
  • Use a cotton wool ball to remove the excess solution.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Apply liberally 2 to 3 times daily or as directed by a vet.

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  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not apply on irritated skin.
  • If any undue irritation develops or increases, discontinue the treatment and consult a vet.

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Acetic acid, boric acid

Malacetic Otic Ear Reviews (14)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (14 customer reviews)
Mindy – September 02, 2020

My dog usually wakes up shaking her head with pain, but these drops really soothed her pain..

Javier – August 16, 2020
Would recommend

Being a vet technician, I usually prefer this ear solution over other ear drops as it is the best ear solution for dogs. would recommend..

Aniya – June 08, 2020
worth it

Worth it. Will use regularly and buy again..

Nancy – May 06, 2020
otic ear

anything that can replace this, dont think so..

Roger – April 14, 2020
ear treatment

it is the best cleaner that easily cleans our dog's complex structured ears..