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Cleanaural Ear for Dogs

(13 customer reviews)
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Product Review

  • Helps in gentle and thorough cleaning of pet’s ears
  • Can be used on sensitive skin as it has neutral pH value
  • Does not stain the fur or hair
  • Breaks down the hardened wax and cleans the ears
  • Best for overall hygiene of pets

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Cleanaural - Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs

Ear cleaning is an important part of your pet’s health care routine. Ear infections and odor are a common problem in dogs and cats. Owners need to be proactive about removing dirt, mites and excess wax from the pet’s ears. Cleanaural Ear Cleaner for dogs and cats is an effective formulation for removing wax and debris from the animal’s ears.

Made up of mild, pH-balanced organic solutions and moisturizers, Cleanaural ear cleaner with antimicrobial activity gently cleanses healthy and infected ears. Used periodically, it prevents any kind of microbial activities and build-up of extra wax in the pet’s ears. This reduces subsequent hygiene problems found in dogs and cats.



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  • Gently cleanses the ears without causing any pain or problem to the pet.
  • Effective in maintaining general ear hygiene of the dogs and cats.
  • With neutral pH value, it is safe for use on sensitive skin.
  • Can be clubbed with other antibiotic treatments.
  • No staining or discoloration of fur or hair.
  • Smoothly cleanses hardened wax or dirt.

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Hold the pet gently and invert the Cleanaural Ear Cleaner bottle such that the nozzle touches the upper part of the pet’s ear canal.

Slowly and gently squeeze out the solution from the bottle. Apply the solution smoothly into the ear canal and massage the outside of the ear canal before the pet shakes its head.

Wipe dirt and wax gently with cotton.

You can repeat the process if the ears are very dirty. It is allowed to use this solution once or twice a week but for any other issues like painful ears or diseases, consulting a Vet is the best solution.

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  • Care must be taken NOT to use Cleanaural Ear Cleaner on ruptured or damaged ear skin.
  • Do NOT use Cleanaural if you suspect the pet has painful ears.
  • Consulting a Vet is the best alternative if excess wax is found in the pet’s ears.

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Sodium Borate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Menthol, Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Chlorothymol

Cleanaural Ear Reviews (13)

Product Rated 4.8/5 (13 customer reviews)
Kari – September 02, 2020

our collie doesn't mind getting this in her ears and the dropper is very easy and non messy compared to other dropper I have used..

Gilbert – August 16, 2020
Happy for our dogs

Our dogs got much relief after using these drops. happy to see them relieved now. .

Sutton – June 08, 2020
ear drops

There is no redness, no yeasty build up, nothing. The ultimate option.

Jocelyn – May 06, 2020
smelly ears

No more dusty and dunkan smelly ears.

STANLEY – April 14, 2020
ear infection

it has helped greatly in treating ear infection..