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Cleanaural Ear Cleaner for Cats

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Cleanaural Cat Ear Cleaner – Ear Cleansing Solution for Cats

What is Cleanaural Ear Cleaner?

Cleanaural Ear Cleansing solution for cats is specially formulated for felines. It removes debris and wax. The ear cleaning solution is highly effective in cleaning ears while removing grime, grease, debris and excess wax without causing irritation. Enriched with organic solvents and extra moisturizers, the ear solution is gentle on ear lining. The pH balanced solution is highly suitable for the sensitive skin of cat ears. Cleanaural solution is developed with special agents. Therefore, it does not cause any staining or discolouring of hair and coat. I

How It Works?

Cleanaural ear cleaner is a special formulation for cleaning cat ears. It contains active ingredients that help remove accumulated wax and debris. The cleansing solution is highly effective in cleansing ears and maintaining pH level. This helps to control moisture and prevents growth of bacteria in ears. The organic solvents and extra moisturizers protect the very delicate lining of the cat’s ear canal so that it does not irritate the sensitive skin. It is safe and easy to apply ear cleansing solution.          



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  • Specially formulated for routine cleansing of ears
  • Removes ear wax and debris from cat ears
  • Protects the delicate ear canal lining from infections
  • pH balanced solution for delicate skin in the ear canal
  • Does not stain or discolor hair or fur
  • Suitable for cats and kittens

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  • Place the tip of the nozzle in upper part to entrance of the ear canal.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle.
  • Apply Cleanaural liberally into the ears.
  • Massage gently at the base of the ear.
  • Allow pet to shake its head.
  • Finally wipe away any visible dirt and ear wax with cotton wool.
  • Repeat once or twice a week.

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  • Apply gently.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.

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Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Polysorbate 80, Chlorothymol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Citric Acid

Cleanaural Ear Cleaner Reviews (11)

Product Rated 4.5/5 (11 customer reviews)
Brooke – August 27, 2020

Effective .

Belen – August 04, 2020
ear cleaner

best prices, best ear cleaner and best shop to buy.

Johnson – May 28, 2020
How it works

how it works dont know but probably provides the best results. .

Emiliano – April 07, 2020
Clean ears

having started this, happy to maintain clean ears of our cat. .

Santini – February 27, 2020

quite affordable at this store..