HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief For Dogs

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HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief for Cats
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HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief For Dogs
HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief
Brand Name: HomeoPet
Ratings: 4 - Reviews: 4
My cat gets frightened when there are loud thunderstorms so I give her one dose of this product and within minutes she seems fine.

Feline Anxiety Relief – Homeopathic Oral Treatment for Cats

What is Feline Anxiety Relief?

Feline Anxiety Relief is a natural behavioral treatment product for cats. This scientifically proven formula helps cats to calm down during stressful conditions. The product relieves acute and chronic anxiety triggered due to separation from the loved one, change in location, vet visits, traveling, adoption of a new pet, etc in cats. It induces a tranquilizing effect on the stressed feline’s mind by reducing the fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, and firework. Also, the product is quite safe for cats and can be used for kittens as well.

How It Works?

Feline Anxiety Relief is a natural remedy for cats. The product helps prevent fear and stress-related behavior. It is also very helpful in treating signs of stress and anxiety in kitties. The oral solution controls behavioral issues like destructive behavior, excessive vocalization, house soiling, excessive licking and chewing during challenging situations.







  • Monkshood
  • Silver Nitrate 
  • White Oxide of Arsenic 
  • Oatstraw
  • Calcium Phosphate
  • Potassium Hydrate
  • Yellow Jasmine, Henbane 
  • St. Ignatius Bean 
  • Club Moss, C
  • carbonate of Sodium
  • Passion Flower 
  • Mineral Phosphorus
  • American Pasque Flower
  • Blue Skullcap
  • Pure Flint
  • Staveacre 
  • Jimson Weed
  • Valerian Root


  • Institute directly in the mouth of the cat.
  • Or mix it with food, water or milk if the cat shows aversion
  • Give the dose as per the age.
  • Kittens require 5 drops thrice a day
  • Adult cats require 10 drops thrice a day
  • Cats under 1 pound require 1-2 drops mixed in water thrice a day
  • The product can also be applied to the bedding of the cat for inhalation. Put 3-5 drops on the cat’s bed.


  • Calms down fear induced in situations like thunderstorm, fireworks, noise
  • Relieves acute and chronic anxieties
  • Works swiftly
  • Helpful in stress causing situations like house moving, vet visit, staying alone, a new member in the family
  • A natural and safe solution for cats
  • Suitable for all cat breeds
  • Prevents stress licking, urine marking or hair pulling behavior


  • Check for sensitivity by giving just one drop initially
  • Do not overdose your cat in any circumstances
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Must consult a vet before feeding it to pregnant queens
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

HomeoPet Feline Anxiety Relief Reviews

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November 14, 2019
no more panic attacks

no more panic attacks, I am happy for my furry kid.

September 8 , 2019
anxiety relief

can find better product than this for anxiety treatment. works great and prices too are in budget

July 30, 2019
Natural treatment

This one is the perfect one. I normally prefer natural products and this one goes all good.

November 25, 2018
Provides a calming effect

My cat gets frightened when there are loud thunderstorms so I give her one dose of this product and within minutes she seems fine.