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Advantage Multi (Advocate)
Heartworms Flea Intestinal Worms
Advantage Multi (Advocate) For Kittens & Small Cats upto 4kg (upto 10lbs) Orange

Advantage Multi (Advocate) For Kittens & Small Cats upto 4kg (upto 10lbs) Orange

123 customer reviews

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Advantage Multi (Advocate) For Cats Over 4kg (Over 10lbs) Purple

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Product Review

  • Helps protect your cat from multiple parasites, inside and out
  • Kills fleas through contact, so they don’t have to bite your cat to die
  • Controls heartworms, roundworms and hookworms
  • Treats ear mites, the No. 1 cause of ear infections in cats
  • Easy-to-use, monthly topical application
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  • Features
  • How to Use
  • Safety
  • Advantage Multi (Advocate) Ingredients


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Advantage Multi Flea, intestinal Worm Treatment for Cats

What is Advocate?

Advocate is a combined flea and worm spot on treatment that not only kills fleas but also hookworms, roundworms, heartworm and Otodectes ear mites. It assists in preventing flea re-infestation. It is one of the best treatments for preventing heartworm disease in kitties. It is very easy to apply and there are no side effects of administering this treatment on furry friends.

How does Advantage Multi for Cats Work?

Imidacloprid and moxidectin are the two key ingredients present in Advocate for total abolishment of all types of parasites from the body of your feline. Moxidectin cuts off the nerve transmission of parasites which results in paralysis and then eventual death. Imidacloprid is quite effective in controlling fleas by directly attacking its nervous system leading to paralysis and then death. So this treatment is a boon for felines as it not only controls fleas but also worms.




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  • A spot on treatment that is effective against external and internal parasites
  • Treats and controls intestinal infections in cats
  • Recommended for kittens at least 9 weeks of age and weighing at least 2lbs
  • Effective against flea infestation
  • Controls ear mites in kitties
  • Effective in preventing heartworm disease
  • Very easy to apply spot-on treatment

How to Use

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  • Before commencing the treatment weight the feline
  • Get rid of dose applicator tube from the package
  • Hold the tube in erect position and take off the cap from the tube
  • Twist the cap and thrust the other end of the cap onto the tip of the tube
  • Break open the seal by twisting the cap and then get rid of the cap from the tube before using it
  • Divide the fur of the cat on the neck at the base of the head in such a way that you can see the naked skin
  • Place the tip of the tube on the cat's skin and utilize all the content directly on the naked skin
  • Use this treatment on a monthly basis


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  • This product is only intended for animal use
  • Children and pets should not be allowed to get near this product
  • Children should not be allowed to touch the treated cat for at least half an hour after application
  • Never allow other pets to groom the treated cat so that they do not lick the application site
  • After administering the treatment wash your hands properly with soap and water
  • If your kitty has an irritated skin do not apply this treatment on her


  • If your cat is sick, debilitated or underweight then do not use this product on her
  • Do not let the feline ingest this treatment
  • Cats younger than 9 weeks of age should not be administered this treatment
  • Safety of this product on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats has not been established


  • For preventing heartworm infection administer this product on a monthly basis
  • Use this product round the year
  • Before using this product take the advice of your veterinarian for heartworm testing if your cat is older than 9 weeks of age while commencing the treatment or if one of the doses has been missed or is late by more than a week

Advantage Multi (Advocate) Ingredients

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Imidacloprid, Moxidectin

Advantage Multi (Advocate) Reviews (123)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (123 customer reviews)
Sarah – March 23, 2023
Trusted brand

We always buy Advantage Multi of our dogs, I am really happy with the result.

Alex – March 13, 2023
Value for money

Advocate has been my absolute favourie from last three months.

Janette Jonsone – March 02, 2023

Excellent customer service.

Jennie – February 21, 2023
Excellent product

It has replaces three treatment I used to give to my pup.

Liza – February 09, 2023
Easy to use

Budgetvetcare never disspoints on delivery and quality.

Ted – January 31, 2023
Frontline plus

Takes care of oral health pretty well.

harold mckeown – January 12, 2023
product is fine , shipping took too long ,28 days is too long

28 days is too long for shipping.

Pedro Campo-Boue – January 05, 2023
Cat care


Robert VanSinger – December 17, 2022

Works as expected.

George – November 23, 2022
Too Good

I have been using this for 3 years now...fully satisfactory result.