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Due to COVID-19, we request you to get in touch with us on Chat and email.



  I am extremely thankful to BudgetVetCare as they are still working through this pandemic. This has been a great help in keeping my dogs protected from fleas and I don't have to step out of my house!  

- Henry


Due to Covid-19 most countries have imposed border controls and restrictions and this has led to stoppage of flights worldwide. There are very few planes flying to carry cargo and medical equipment & related supplies takes priority over any other cargo, hence, there are delays in delivery of orders worldwide.

We are dispatching orders as soon as we receive them as we have sufficient stock available, however, due to lockdown in certain parts of the world and fewer flights, it is taking longer than usual for the orders to get delivered. Please expect delays of 3-5 weeks and it may happen that you may get your order within 3 weeks.

In these challenging times, we request your support. COVID-19 has affected every business, so please bear with us and we assure you that your order will get delivered, despite the turmoil.

Stay Safe!