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  Your services have always been the best generally. But, even during these lockdowns due to pandemic coronavirus, you guys are dedicated to reply us, which is a really good deal. Thank you for always being there, even in the odds.  

- Peggy

COVID-19 Update

The COVID - 19 outbreak has lead to the delays in delivery of orders because of the limited amount of flights shipping the mails. Due to this, our shipping partners have notified us that the orders will take up to 28 days for delivery. So, we request our customers to have patience and allow some time. The orders are being dispatched as soon as we receive them. It is due to reduced flights that the orders are taking more time to get delivered.

If you have ordered from us, we request you to be patient and not cancel your order as the situation is likely to exist until the outbreak is under control. Every business is facing difficulties due to the pandemic, so we ask our customers to allow extra time for getting the products delivered.