Ways to Honor Your Pet on World Pet Memorial Day

For all the pet parents out there, losing a pet is as much devastating as a loss of human life. Pets are an integral part of our lives, and when we lose them due to old age, illness or an accident, a void is left behind which is impossible to fill, no matter how hard we try. We tend to grieve, and that’s natural. Some pet parents take months or even years to overcome their grief. Hence, an important step towards this healing process is to honor your beloved pet. For that, the Animal Veterinary Medical Association came up with a special day known as World Pet Memorial Day.


World Pet Memorial Day Dates

What Is World Pet Memorial Day and When Is It Celebrated?

Pet Memorial Day/ Pet Remembrance Day is a day when pet parents memorialize their pets that have permanently left them. It is a day to recollect all the good old memories with your beloved pal and honor him with dignity and respect. In addition, this Pet Remembrance Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in the month of June. This year, it is observed on the 11th of June. And as that day nears, we have compiled a few ways in which you can honor your pet on this Memorial Day.

Honoring Your Pet on World Pet Memorial Day

Below are some ways in which pet parents can honor their beloved furry pal on World Pet Memorial Day.

  • Just Remembering

dog memories


On this Pet Remembrance Day, all you can do is remember your buddy. Recollect all the past memories and cherish the times when he was once in your arms. Think about him and think about the good times you spent with him.


  • Maintaining a Scrapbook

Maintaining a scrapbook for pets


World Pet Memorial Day can also be observed by maintaining a scrapbook with pictures. Collect and decorate the scrapbook with pictures of your fur baby and you. It helps in refreshing the mind and think about the glorious past.


  • Upload Pictures on Social Media

Upload pictures on social media of your pets


People these days are highly active on social media; more so pet parents. They love posting pictures of their pets. So, this Pet Remembrance Day, post pictures of your beloved pal and remember him. Perhaps he will be looking from the skies above and letting out a wide smile.


  • Share Your Pet Stories

share your pet stories



If you have pets, you definitely have pet stories. On World Memorial Pet Day, you can share pet stories with your near and dear ones. Talk about your pal and all the fun, stupid, crazy and hilarious things both he and you used to do together.


  • Assisting Pets in Need

assisting pets in need

Another way to honor your furry friend is by helping other pets. You can assist those pets that are in need of help. You can visit shelter homes and volunteer to help shelter dogs. There are also ways which include donating toys, warm clothes, money, etc to animal shelter homes.



  • Photo Frame a Picture

photo frame a picture of your pet


For the memory of your pet, photo frame a picture of your four-legged friend and hang that up in your living room or bedroom. You can also customize it by adding any quote or a few words on it. Each morning as you wake up, you’ll get to see your fur baby’s picture. How beautiful!



  • Create a Social Media Account

creating social media account of your pet

Last but not the least; If you’ve lost a pet and love him dearly and are a social media holic, then this Pet Remembrance Day you can create a social media account (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) for your buddy. Post his pictures, gain followers, and share his stories.

So these are a few ways how you can remember and honor your buddy on World Memorial Pet Day. In hindsight, may all those beautiful dogs that lost their lives, rest in eternal peace.

pet remembrance day

World Memorial Pet Day to all!