It’s September- The Healthy Cat, Happy Cat Month!

Our incredibly cute feline friends always capture our hearts with their companionship and love, and this month serves as a reminder to pay special attention to ensuring that our cats are as happy and healthy as can be.

Research says that if a cat perceives a threat or doesn’t get appropriate stimulation, its stress response system is triggered, which, in the long term, can affect a cat’s health. Prolonged activation of the stress response system may lead to lower urinary tract symptoms like straining and not using the litter box.

And, if a stressed-out cat is unhealthy, wouldn’t a happy cat be healthy?

Happiness is the Key to your Cat’s Wellness

Since it is September, it’s the right time to start looking after your cat’s well-being, beginning today. Here are the top 7 ways to keep your cats happy and healthy during this September:

1. Give Nutritious Food To Your Cat

Cats, as obligate carnivores, must consume protein-rich foods. Check to see if your cat’s food contains meat as the first ingredient. However, since cats enjoy eating meat, you should have no trouble feeding them a nutritious meal. Make sure she’s getting a high-quality meal that’s free of fillers, artificial colors, and additives, and that she’s not being overfed.

2. Take An Annual Wellness Visit To Your Vet

As you know now, healthy cats are happy cats, take your cat for a preventive vet visit as annual wellness visits can aid in the early detection of medical problems. Moreover, since cats are the masters of hiding pain, only your vet will be able to figure out if something is wrong with your cat. This is also a good opportunity to learn about routine pet-wellness from your vet and about the best preventive treatments for fleas-ticks, intestinal worms or heartworms for your cat.

3. Keep Your Kitty Entertained

The easiest way to make your cat happy and to keep them entertained is by getting them a new toy. Some cats are crazy about catnip, so you can also get your kitty some new catnip-filled toys. If you don’t want to purchase new toys, your cat will be equally happy with paper sacks and empty paper boxes!

Celebrating September As Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

4. Teach Your Cat Some New Tricks

Cats are intelligent and food-oriented, and they can be trained to do playful tricks–the mental and physical stimulation is beneficial to felines. Training your cat can help you strengthen your bond with your feline pal.

5. Provide Them with Scratching Posts

Scratching is a normal instinctual behavior of cats and they express their emotions like excitement, stress, etc through it. It is essential to provide scratching posts or anything they can scratch, which is more desirable than your dining table or couch to keep your cat happy.

6. Microchip Your Cat

Cats are very curious creatures that can easily escape through open doors and windows. It is also possible that they might stray too far and never return to you. Doesn’t that sound awful? In such circumstances, apart from keeping their tags updated, microchipping provides permanent identification and the chances of your adorable cat reuniting with you will be higher.

7. Gift Your Cat A Pet Insurance

Truth be told, your cat might meet with unexpected illnesses or accidents at any time, costing you big vet bills. Pet Health Insurance can help you cover these costs and give you peace of mind that your kitten will receive appropriate and timely treatment. Hence, it is always better to safeguard your kitty from such unforeseen events.


Cats are very affectionate pets, and they are always the healthiest when they know they are loved and cuddled and adored. Pay close attention to your feline friend, communicate with her, pet her, play with her and do everything possible to keep them in the pink of their health. Only a few things are more precious than a kitty’s loving purrs!