Celebrating September As Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort but more than that, they’re majorly known to be the cutest bundle of joy for their pet-parents and we want them to be happy and healthy for life. Undoubtedly, every pet-parent does their best to give their kitty everything she deserves. And, just like your cat, every kitty deserves certainly no less. Therefore, September is celebrated as Happy, Healthy Cat Month. Happy Cat Month is brought to us by the CATalyst Council to help spread education and awareness about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats. 

It would be a great idea to support this initiative by doing something special for your cat and providing care to your cats because it all begins from home. So, here are some ideas that you can follow.

Of course, keeping our cats healthy and happy isn’t set aside for just September. It’s a year-round responsibility. But our cats are worth it!