Halloween Party Games for Pets

Partying with your best buddy is real fun, but if it’s Halloween, then it adds an element of entertainment to it. No party is over without a game or two, and there is nothing more exciting than having a ball with your four-legged friend on Halloween. So, let’s make this Halloween special for our loved animals by calling all your pet-owner friends; get some creepy decorations and have a crack at some funny games.

Here is the list of animal-friendly games that both you and your companion will truly love:

1. Costume Competition

Pet owners will bring their pets with special Halloween-themed costumes. Each pet owner parades with their pet one-by-one showing off their costumes. At the end of the parade, the pet costume winner should be announced through voting, and the winning pet gets a gift or a treat.

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Hide lemon candies in different areas of your house before the pets arrive. Gather them all at one place and ask them to find the candies. The dog or cat who finds maximum candies wins the game.

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3. Trick and Treat

Everyone in the party room gathers at one place. Each pet owner performs a trick with their pet. Once all the participants perform, the winner is decided with voting slips, and the pet who receives the highest number of votes wins the title of ‘The Best Trick’ and gets a special treat.

4. Musical Circles

Similar to musical chairs, make circles using a marker smaller in number than the pets participating in the game. Play music based on the Halloween theme, and when the music stops, ask pets to sit in the empty circle, and the one who cannot get an empty circle to sit is out of the game. Reduce the number of circles every time the music stops. The last pet standing wins the game.

5. Barking/Meowing Competition

If you want to have some noisy fun with your loved animal, a barking contest is the best way to do it. This allows each pet to show off their barking/meowing skills. Allow every pet to show their ability one-by-one and after all the performances, pick the winner. To encourage the maximum number of pets, you can pick the best performer in different categories such as the scariest bark, loudest bark, best meow, funniest bark and so on. Hand over prizes or treats to the winner in each category.

6. Obstacle Run

Take the set out in the backyard or in the park. Make obstacles or tunnels using pipes, tables, chairs or cardboards. Run every pet through the obstacles/tunnels. Note time for each pet as they finish, and the one who takes the least amount of time to get all the way through wins the run.