Prevalent Factors Responsible For Skin Allergy in dogs

Is your dog constantly scratching the ears, tails and other parts of the body? This can be a signal of skin allergy. You do not want your dog to suffer from those nasty skin allergies that not only reduce the beauty of your dog’s skin but also weaken your dog’s health. Skin is the ornaments of your dog. You don’t want that ornaments to look dull or dry. Here is some brief information that you need to know about the dog’s skin allergies.

What Cause Skin Allergy In Dogs?

There are various causes behind your dog scratching their skin and harming themselves. Below are some causes of skin infection:
•    Food intake
•    Flea bite
•    Dairy products
•    Dust and dust mites
•    Grass
•    Environment
•    pollens

Before going for a skin treatment of your dog you need to understand the cause of the allergy. Knowing the cause will ease your work to how to give a proper treatment to your dog.
The cause is categorized into three most prevalent one:

•    Food
•    Environment
•    Flea

1.    Food: Do not mistake food allergy with food intolerance. Food intolerance means when a dog’s body is not accepting the food and starts vomiting or suffers from diarrhea or a gastrointestinal problem. Food allergy can turn into itching, scratching and redness on your dog’s skin. Many food lovers are enticed to provide new food to their dog’s meal. It may happen that the dog’s body does not accept the food and create a skin allergy in dog.

2.    Flea: Flea infestation in your dog makes your dog uncomfortable. Flea bit initiate the itching in your dog. Fleas in dogs are easy to detect. They are found in a warm area.  You need to check their collar’s area, groin, and armpits. Treat your dog as soon as you find the flea infestation on them.

3.    Environmental allergies: Environmental allergies are seasonal. It is mostly seen in young dogs that are less than three years of age. Pollens, Grass and dust mites are some environment allergens. Coming in contact with such allergens initiate the itching in dogs.

How To Treat The Dog Against Those Skin Allergies?

First, you have to determine the cause of skin allergy and then put a treatment in process.
•    If the food is the reason then you need to give a sharp eye to their food items. Inspect the ingredients and eliminate those food items from their meal. Consult your vet and brief them about the food items that you are serving to your dog. Ask them to give a diet plan for your dog.

•    To tackle the flea biting creating skin allergy in your dog you need to keep your dog flea free. Give them a periodical bath, check them every time when they come home after a walk, avoid your dog coming in contact with the flea-infested area. Store flea control product.

•    If your dog is allergic to dust, keep the house clean and dust free. Keep the dog’s amenities clean.

The above brief overview on skin allergy will help you next time when you see your dog scratching their skin. It is always recommended that if any allergy last for more than 24 hours you are required to consult your vet.