5 Ideas To Let Your Pet Feel Safe And Warm This Winter

Winter is here and you might have taken out all your heavy coats to bid adieu the T-Shirt season. However, barring few regions, there is yet to feel a chilling wave to put on those heavy coats. Nevertheless, as the season progresses, the need for winter thought for your pet emerges in your mind. Not to mention, the added effort you made to brace your furry pal to face the cold temperature.

Pets, as we say need extra care in the cold season. Dogs who are old or the one who is battling with arthritis, call for special care and love. Thus, a perfect winter regimen is the need for the season. A winter protocol for your pet will ensure his safety from low temperature. Making your job a little easy this winter, grasp the below-mentioned points and make these tips part of your winter regimen for your pet’s safety.

The Clothing


The clothes, act as the shield for protecting one’s skin from weather hostilities. As a pet parent, shield your pet with appropriate winter clothing. Make him wear a warm sweater or a woolen coat fitted to his size.

The paws of your furry pal are most vulnerable to this cold phenomenon. Armor your pet with dog boots for full protection.  The care for your pet’s clothing will ensure your job half done and thus protect him from head to toe.

When it comes to pet’s bedding, ensure your pet a warm home environment to sleep. Provide him warm bedding. Do not allow him, in any case, sleep on the floor, this cold season.

On the Question of Staying Indoors

This depends on region-to-region and the breed of your dog. A German shepherd finds the cold atmosphere apt while a Chihuahua is best suited inside a house in chilled weather.

However, you can go out with your pet, if you feel like going. Check the temperature before going out. Although, it would be a wise policy to stay indoors with your pet if you yourself feeling a cold breeze.

Adjust these shortcomings by using late mornings for a walk with your dog.

Health And Hygiene

This one aspect related to your pet needs extra attention during this winter season. Canine, as humans do consume less water in winter than actually required. This can put a negative effect on their health. This negative effect will be visible when the season starts taking a shift from cold to warm. Thus, provide him an adequate amount of water at regular intervals. Keep your pet hydrated this winter.

In winters, dogs are less active as compared to springs. This affects their dietary patterns and puts them on the risk of gaining or losing considerable weight, depending on their breed. As a pet parent regardless of the breed, feed your pet a diet, which contains enough calories to increase his body warmth. At the same time, do check on his calorie intake to not fall into the trap of obesity.

An important point worth mentioning here is to restrain yourself from giving your pet any fancy treats as we are witnessing a cold and a festive season together. Chocolates are a strict no.

Pet Grooming This Winter

Pet Grooming This Winter

Winter season requires an altogether a different approach when it comes to pet’s grooming. Decide whether it is apt to give your dog a regular bathing or a dry shampoo would do the trick for your dog. However, in any case, your pet must be completely dried out not to add more chilling sensation in his/her body.

Similarly, if needed, trim your pet’s hair and nails accordingly. You can take the help of a personal groomer if you want to run the extra mile for your pet’s grooming, this season.

Do remember not to halt your flea-control program, as winter may act as a safe and hiding time for these pests.

Pet Safety Tips During Winter

•    In winter, cars act as refrigerators. Therefore, do not make the mistake of leaving your pet in a car unattended.
•    Ensure a warm home environment
•    Keep in touch with your vet for regular updates
•    Massage your pet’s paws with petroleum jelly to neutralize the effect of winter on his feet
•    Do not allow your pet to come in contact with any harmful substance present in the home environment
•    While going for the work in the morning, check if any stray animal is feeling the warmth of your car’s engine or not. Scare him away before driving.
•    Ensure your pet’s body covered with warm clothes, throughout this winter season

The cold season can be a little test of time for you as a pet parent. However, adhering to the above wisdom will safeguard your pet from the chilling sensation, which the season brings.