Brace Yourself! It’s January 2018 – National Train Your Dog Month

The month of January is synonymous with New Year resolutions. However, it is the same month, which coincides with National Train Your Dog Month, making it more special and significant. For a pet parent, the training days of his pet remains an emotional chapter of his life. The initial hustle he has to made to get his puppy into the walking mode adds value to his pet parenting experience.

Dog training is both a fun and a learning experience for a pet parent. The first six months are important to solidify the bonding between the puppy and the family. These initial times, if properly taken care of, will ensure a positive experience in the mind of a new pet. The fruits of this exercise will be visible when the same puppy enters into his adulthood.

At the same time, it is important to stress on the fact that dog training is something, which never ends. It is a lifelong process, which adds richness to your pet parenting experience and makes your pet a more able pet.

With this special ‘dog occasion’, marking this month, go through these following questions to derive the wisdom out of these ideas-

Ask yourselfAm I forming ways to create positive impressions in the mind of my pet? This is very important if you own a puppy. At the same time, the root cause of all-pet’s behavioral problems lies in the situation, which the pet is battling with. Therefore, ensure a lively and positive environment for your pet.

It is seen that pet parents, do ensure complete well-being of their pet’s physical well-being. However, owing to their busy lifestyle, the amount of time they should spend with their pet has shortened over the years. This has created a plethora of mental issues in pets.

As a pet parent, keep this aspect related to your pet in mind and ensure your dog’s sound mental health.

•    Am I ensuring my dog’s physical fitness? Health is Wealth- Old proverb but still relevant. The joys, fun and those glorious pet moments all testimonies one fact. That is, to enjoy and continue the glorious journey with your pet, you have to put the physical health of your pet among your top priority.


A regimen comprising of regular morning walks and physical exercises will ensure your dog in healthy state.

•    Is my dog getting the right food? A balanced diet rich with all-important nutrients is pre-requisite to strengthen the body structure of your pet. Ideally, you should consult your vet to get the appropriate diet chart for your pet. This to, cater to the needs of specific diet for specific dog breeds.

•    Am I paying heed to the safety aspect of my pet? This question stresses on the safety aspect of your dog. It involves making your dog wear the name-bearing collar with all relevant contact details. It also touches dog’s areas such as grooming, vaccination and regular vet visits. It also includes protecting your pet from deadly fleas and ticks, worms and heartworm disease.

The above-shared thoughts are a little effort to widen the horizon of pet training. It would be a little injustice to our pet friends if you and I see dog training just a medium to teach a four-legged species some old manners. Let this month of training your dog enables you to cover all areas related to your pet, which matters to his health and of course to you as his master.