Which is the Best Tick Collar for Dogs?

Fleas and ticks are known for causing a nuisance in dogs’ lives. These creatures never get tired and keep finding ways to irritate your dog. Moreover, fleas and ticks can also transmit dangerous and fatal diseases to dogs. Fortunately, numerous treatments are available for treating fleas and ticks in dogs. They also come in various forms, such as oral flea tablets, flea & tick chewables, flea control topical spot-on, and tick collar.

All these treatments have the same goal – to eliminate fleas and ticks from your dog’s body. However, the effectiveness varies from product to product. Here, we are comparing the four most recommended flea and tick collars for dogs – Seresto, Preventic, Scalibor, and Kiltix. Refer to the below chart to find out the working of these products and its effectiveness against fleas and ticks.

Comparison of Flea Collars

The main reason why pet parents prefer flea and tick collar is because not only it is cost-effective but the collar also provides a long-lasting effect. Generally, the oral and topical treatments last for only a few months. Whereas, flea and tick collar such as Seresto stays effective for 8 months. When administering other forms of preventative treatments, pet parents need to remember the monthly dosages, but once you put on the collar on your dog, you are worry-free for months!

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Each of these collars has distinctive qualities so it makes the choosing process easier for pet parents. Seresto can be the best choice for all-round protection and long-lasting effect. It not only works against fleas and ticks but also treats chewing lice and flea allergy dermatitis(FAD). For short term requirements such as going on a trip in an infested area, Preventic is the ideal product and it protects the dog from fleas and ticks for 2 months.

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If you stay in an area where there’s high tick infestation, the best collars are Scalibor and Kiltix. Scalibor mainly attacks ticks including brown dog ticks and paralysis ticks and lasts for up to 3 months. On the other hand, Kiltix is cost-effective as well as long-lasting treatment for preventing flea and tick infestation. Priced at just $14.54, Kiltix provides protection from parasites for up to 5 months.




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As a pet parent, you know better than anyone about how to care for your Fido. Thus, choose the right product with the help of the above chart and protect your furry pal from all the nasty parasites!