Dog Jackets 101-Selecting the Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

We ensure to pile up winter wears in our wardrobe right before the temperature drops down. Well, cold is for all and it affects your pet just as it does to you. So, it is imperative for pet parents to consider buying a winter jacket for their furry pal. However, many pet parents may think that their Fido doesn’t require jackets as they possess natural-protection from cold in the form of their coat. But, you need to know that your dog’s capacity to stay warm inside out depends on their size, breed, and age. Shopping for their pet can’t be hard for anyone of course, but it requires few things that you should keep in mind while shopping for their winter wear.

Therefore, here’s a list of tips that would help you to choose the right winter coat for your dog.

  • Measuring your dog is the very first thing pet parents need to do. You cannot shop any jacket that you like for your Fido as they vary in shape and size. So, consider measuring your pooch from the shoulder base to the top of the tail. Also, measure the dog from their chest to the waist to get a fair idea. Moreover, do not abruptly shop a jacket without checking the actual size that the retailer has mentioned.
  • Material matters a lot. The motive of purchasing a jacket for your Fido is to protect him from cold. So, check the warmth of the material first and not just the style. Buying a fancy jacket won’t provide enough warmth to your furry pal. Therefore, focus more on the warmth that the material has to offer.
  • Check Your Dog’s Comfort Level. After all, it’s your dog that has to wear that coat. Make sure that the jacket you chose for your pet gives him some space to breathe. Secondly, verify that there are no large gaps between the can let the cold air enter to freeze your Fido. Also, check that your dog can move freely as well as can run in speed with this coat on.
  • The design of the jacket plays a major role. Of course, the coat that you buy should suit your pet. And that’s why the style, color, and overall design of the jacket matters. The coat should have unique features that would serve both style and comfort to your pup. Check if the jacket will be able to prevent snow in winter and rains during summer. All in all, the winter coat for your pet should be weatherproof.
  • Washability is a major concern of pet parents. Irrespective of any weather, your pet is likely to play and make the coat dirty. Therefore, ensure to ask about how to wash the coat as most winter wears require hand wash, which can be a daunting task. While machine washable jackets for dogs are easy as you can just drop the jacket into the washing machine.

Furthermore, check the return policy because there is a wide variety of sizes of coat that may or may not fit your pet. Double-check the return policy whether you buy winter jackets for dogs online or from the store. Use these simple points and you can get a perfect coat for your dog this winter.

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