Important Things To Remember When Feeding A Puppy

It is definitely exciting to have a small puppy. It feels amazing to spend time with that cute adorable pup. But, if you have recently adopted a puppy then you have to be very careful regarding their overall development and nourishment.

A puppy is one of your family members and you need to take care of dogs like your own child. The first and foremost thing to take care of is their food habit. What you feed to a puppy plays a crucial role in their overall development.

Things To Know Prior To Feeding Your Puppy

•    Puppies have a very small stomach.
•    You need to feed them a small amount of food within short intervals (Four times a day).
•    As a puppy grows their stomach size also increases.
•    After completing the eight months you can make a change in their feeding process that is feeding a puppy twice a day.

What Will You Feed To Your Puppy?

First, six months to 1 year is very crucial for you and your puppy. You have to be very careful while feeding your puppy. You need to feed only those food items from which their body gets enough nutrition for the overall development and which do not create any health-related issue. During six to eight months your puppy needs a proper amount of nutrition to strengthen their bones, clear eye vision, a healthy skin and a full-fledged development of the body. Feed only that food that is meant especially for your puppy. As soon as your puppy reaches 1 year you can make a transition slowly on to adult food.

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How To Switch From Puppy Food To Adult Food?

•    If you have a small breed dog, you can change the puppy food to adult food when your dog reaches eight to nine months.
•    A large breed puppy should be given adult food a little late that is when it reaches twelve months or more.
•    Don’t make a fast move when changing a puppy food to adult food. It won’t harm your puppy if it eats puppy food for a little longer time.
•    When changing the puppy food with adult food make the transition gradually. Keep the old food with new food and as the day passes increase the amount of new food. A sudden change of food can disturb your dog’s stomach.

Conclusion: Nutritional and right amount of food helps your puppy to grow healthy and fit. During first six months you have to keep a keen eye on your puppy’s diet.