5 Simple Things You Can Do To Guarantee Your Cat A Long And Happy Life

Keeping your cute and cuddly cat’s healthy, groomed and well fed is important. However, these lovable pet’s depend on you to keep them in tip-top shape. For this you can follow some of the simple things for maintaining your furry pal and assure to have her/him a lovely companion for many years to come.

Things To Ensure Your Cat Has A Long And Healthy Life

help your cat to live healthy and long

Don’t Skip Flea Or Heartworm Treatment:

Mostly of the people think that if cat stays indoor there is no need to bother with a flea and heartworm disease. In actual it is a myth. Fleas and the mosquitoes that carry heartworms can easily enter your home. You, your friend or any other family member may carry fleas to your home after meeting a friend with a dog or cat. It is better that you keep your protected from Cat Flea Infestation and heartworm issue instead of getting in a problem.

Keep The Toxic Plant Away from Cat:

All love to have a greenery side in their house. It can be fun for your cat to play with plants. But there can be some plants which can be toxic and life-threatening to your kitty such as azalea, holly, lilies, mistletoe etc. Make sure you keep her away from the toxic plants or plant non-toxic with which she can play.

Avoid Milk To Cat:

Cats like to drink me, but it better not give them. The reason behind it, is that their stomach are not well adjusted to it. Most of the cats are lactose intolerant and can get severe diarrhea if they drink milk. Instead of this you can give her fresh water or lactose-free milk as a treat.

Don’t Feed Cat Only Vegetarian Food:

Cats need meat to survive, as they don’t get enough vegetables enzymes and proteins. They are carnivores and they need meat to get their proper nutrients. Make sure you choose her diet included meat as the first ingredient and not grain based diet. Your cat may lack in getting nutrients and the grain based diet can make her sick.

Hide Their Illness:

When cats are sick or injured they try to hide their conditions, as a natural survival mechanism. You know your cat behaviors, so if you notice anything odd, watch for the signs of illness and consider taking your cat to the vet.

Hope, now you will take good care of kitty pal and gift her/him a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

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