Explore How The Dog Perceive The World Around Them Using Senses

Humans and dogs have the senses and both share the ability to smell, hear, taste, touch and see. But dogs have their own of communicating which is totally different from humans. Just as dogs communicate differently than we do, they also perceive the world with their senses differently than we do. To have better communication and understand them better and lead to deeper bond you need to to know what they do and what they do with the help of their senses. Let’s explore each of the five senses to get a better idea of how the dog perceives the world around them:

Facts On How Your Dog Perceives The World Using Senses

Smell: – Dogs Use Smell To Perceive The World

Dogs Sense of Smell

This is the strongest sense your dog has. The percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyze smells is 40 times larger than that of human. Dogs can develop more than 20 times the amount of smell receptors in the nose than human beings have. They can detect 100 up to 1,000,000 times less concentrated smells than us. Dogs are trained to smell, sniff and pick up the explosives or drugs. Scientist have found that the dogs are able to detect diabetes and cancer in human beings.

Hearing: – Dog’s Sense Of Hearing To Perceive Things Around

Dog's Sense Of Hearing

This is the second best sense of your dog. Dogs are able to hear the sounds which are too or too low in pitch for people to hear. They are able to an ultrasound range, that is 2 octaves higher than humans. But, as the dog grows old he may start loosing his hearing range and some may go completely deaf. According to studies, if dog lose his hearing, he can’t hear the words, but feel the vibration and comes to know the tone of voice.

Taste: – Dog’s Sense Of Taste

dogs sense of taste

The sense of taste is not good as humans. Dogs have 2000 taste buds and people are having 9000, which allows us to identify which food is tasty and which is not. Dog’s go with sense of smell, if it smells stronger they try to eat it. Dogs have fewer taste buds and this is the one reason, why dogs gobble the food without chewing. Pooch can have allergies to specific foods such as onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, coffee and chocolate.

Touch: – Dog’s Sense of Touch

Touch is the first sense that a dog develops in him when he is born. This sense of touch is given by the mother. She cleans the small pup by licking and muzzling. The sense of touch becomes a part of socialization to bond with the other animals as well as humans.

Sight: – Dog’s Sense of Sight

Dog's Sense of Sight

Dogs don’t have a great sight compared to the other senses. They can see the colors, but they are not able to see as many colors as we can. They can see the world similar to a red-green colorblind person.  This means that dogs can see yellows and blues pretty well, but reds and oranges appear as yellow and green looks white. Thus a dog’s visual world is primarily made of grays, blues and yellows. A dog’s eyesight allows them to see better at  night than we do.