How To Acquire Mastery In Ear Cleaning Of Dogs?

Cleaning dog’s ears is one of the many tasks that never top the to-do-list of the pet parents. They’ll always find a way to ignore it and come up with something else that is of more importance. Why to ignore it? Just because they seem small is size, isn’t ear cleaning that important?

This perception needs to be changed amongst all the dog-owners. Ears are one of the vital organs of the dog’s body and regular cleaning and maintaining ear hygiene is essential. The sense of hearing in dogs is very sharp and some breeds are trained for army and military because of their sense of smell and hearing and many other qualities.

Lack of ear cleaning can be a cause of ear infections and earaches. In severe cases, it can also result in hearing loss. To avoid such situations in your doggy’s life take care of his ears.

Some tips to clean dog’s ear are:

Steps To Acquire Mastery In Ear Cleaning Of Dogs


1. What are the risks and signs of ear pain and infection?

This is answered by various observed symptoms that depict certain kind of ear infections like discharge from the ear, weird odour, excessive scratching, redness, inflammation or pain around the ear.

2. What to use and be aware of when cleaning ears?

Cotton balls, tweezers and a cleaning solution like Ilium ear drops, Natural Animal Solution Ear Cleaner, Kleo ear cleaner and Epi-Otic should be used for cleaning ears. Do not use Q-tips to clean dog’s ears as they might push the dirt and debris further inside the ear canal. Do not over clean the ear that is, not on a daily basis as it can disrupt the natural working of it. Once in a week cleaning practice is appreciable.

3. How to carry out the cleaning process?

Cleaning of the ears is for sure a tedious task but it is a must. Follow the given simple steps and easily maintain the ear health of your dogs without any hesitation.

  • Firstly, chose a place where your dog will be comfortable in getting his ears cleaned.
  • Make your doggy relaxed by muzzling him and soothing him. Let him get used to the fact that ear cleaning is not a painful process.
  • Put a small amount of the cleaning solution in the dog’s ears and gently massage the base.
  • When you do so, your pooch might want to shake his head, let him do so. This will ensure that the debris trapped inside the ear has loosened up.
  • Take a cotton ball and use it to wipe the inside of the dog’s ear with a pair of tweezers. This ensures that the wax inside the ear is removed slowly. Do this until the cotton ball has wax on it.
  • After the entire process, treat your pooch for being calm and relaxed.
  • If you require any kind of assistance, ask help from the vet.

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