8 Signs That Point Your Dog Is Stressed Out And The Ways To Deal With It

There is a lot of stress in everyone’s life. You might find it surprising, but even your furry companion is feeling stressed out. The best thing that you can possibly do is to first of all recognize whether your dog is feeling emotionally well or not. To help you out with the situation, we have provided certain signs that point your dog is stressed out:

Signs That Point Out Dog is Stressed Out

signs of stressed dogExcessive Noise

If your dog howls, whines or barks a lot the excessive noise can be a sign of anxiety. Evaluate the pattern of the barking to determine the exact cause of anxiety. When does it happen? Does it happen when you are gone? When strangers are at the doors? Etc.

Hair Loss

All dogs shred hairs, but were you aware that when stressed dogs shred a lot of hair. You can see this happen when you take your furry pal to the veterinarian’s office and as you pet the dog in the exam room the hair covers your hands and the floor.

Excessive Licking

If your dog is incessantly licking himself it can be a sign of stress. Even repetitive licking of the nose and/or lips is a sign of stress.

Not Acting House-Trained

The biggest signs of stress in dogs are accidents in the house. Dogs that are stressed out have been house-trained, but they backslide their training. The best thing to do in such a situation is to crate train them or confine them to a place which is closed to give them a more secure feeling.


Dogs generally pant to cool themselves down when it is hot or when they are exercising. If your dog is panting for apparent reasons with his ears pinned back and low it can be a sign of stress. Be vigilant when the doggy suddenly stops panting and closes his mouth as he may be stepping up to bite.

Destructive Behavior

This is commonly seen in aggressive dogs they try to alleviate the stress by chewing or biting furniture or even you!! They may even lick their own body. Try to find out when this behavior intensifies like when they are left alone or in the presence of other animals.


Your dog might to hide somewhere to avoid other dogs or people. When his tail is tucked, he avoids eye contact or turns away, this shows that he is feeling uncomfortable. If your doggy is trying to avoid a situation that makes him feel uncomfortable it is better than showing aggression so respect his message.

Sniffing More Than Usual

There are times when dogs start to sniff around and ignore commands. But there may be a case where he is stressed out about something. You need to observe when this behavior happens like during obedience park or in a dog park. Try to find out the cause.

Ways To Deal With Stress In Dogs

stressed dog and way to deal with
Here are some of the tips that will help you to mellow your doggy:

Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is a great stress-reliever for dogs as long as it is fun-loving and relaxing. If you repeatedly play the game of fetch with your furry pal he will get stressed out, so ensure that there is a right balance.

Stick To A Routine

It has been researched and found that dogs that have a regular routine are less stressed out. They need to have a fixed time for sleeping, walking and eating. Never change the dog’s routine abruptly as it will increase the stress in them.

Stay Away From Stressful Situations

If you know that your dog does not feel fine in crowded situations, spend time on solo hikes or backyard play. If your doggy feels stressed out when you are away, you can provide crate training to him to bring him some comfort.

Bond With Your Doggy

If possible, spend quality time with your doggy to reduce their stress. Take him to a place where you can spend some time alone as he craves being near you.