Pet Safety Tips for July 4-Independence Day

Although Independence Day celebrations can be exciting for humans, they can be frightening and unsafe for our pets. Our pets’ routine is completely disrupted and they are exposed to hazards like loud fireworks, holiday treats, and toxic garbage that ends up on the floor during the grand festivity. For pets, all this is frightening, and even lethal.

It’s important to keep your pets safe during and after the July 4th celebrations and so, we’ve put together below a list of safety tips for you to follow.

Tips to keep your pets safe on Independence day:

  • Don’t let your pets roam freely at parties and events where they can reach potentially unhealthy and toxic food easily.  Pets love eating scraps and crumbs fallen on the floor, which may make them sick.
  • Make sure your pets are away from the hot barbeque grills or sizzling pans during the parties.
  • Keep alcoholic drinks out of your pet’s reach as they may try to quench their thirst from your beverage and end up with alcohol intoxication.
  • Secure all the doors and windows as there’s a possibility of your pet running away due to all the chaos happening during the celebrations.
  • If possible, keep your pet tucked away in a safe room or crate from where they won’t be able to flee, as there’s a risk of them sneaking out through an open door when you’re hosting guests.
  • Provide them with a peaceful space to rest, preferably where the party music or fireworks are least audible. If your pet gets anxious with all the noise and chaos easily, it is best to use anxiety relievers like Anxitane or Adaptil.
  • Keep them company and try not to leave them entirely on their own. Give them treats or toys to distract them from loud fireworks.
  • Horses and livestock should be housed in fenced areas, away from the excitement and noise as much as possible.
  • If you’re planning a one-day picnic at a lake or a beach, remember all the pets are not natural swimmers. Know your dog’s ability to swim and then only let them off the leash.
  • Independence Day falls in summer and the soaring high temperatures can be dangerous for pets.  If you are taking them along with you in the daytime, ensure to keep them hydrated or else dehydration is bound to happen. The scorching heat can also cause damage to their skin, so apply good pet sunscreen on their skin to protect them from the harmful sun rays.
  • Try not to disturb their routine (meals, workouts, etc.) as much as possible.
  • Make sure to keep your pet’s ID tag updated or get them microchipped as hundreds of pets end up escaping due to the Independence day celebrations, so it’s always better to be prepared, just in case.
  • If you have to travel or have a busy schedule celebrating, consider keeping your pets with baby-sitters’ or at dog kennels.

There you have it, some important tips to keep in mind for your fur kid’s safety without compromising to enjoy the Independence day celebrations!

Stay safe and have a Happy Independence day you all!