A Manual To Relieve Your Dog From Fleas

Fleas – the blood sucking parasites have long taken the cause of adding discomfort to your pet’s life. Continuous itching, scratching, licking are few symptoms which indicates the presence of fleas on a pet’s body. A furry pal dealing with such symptoms need to be first relieved from fleas through flea preventives, followed by monthly treatments for year round protection. Absence of appropriate flea control measures would make a dog vulnerable to major skin infections like Flea Allergy Dermatitis. In addition, the continuous sucking of a pet’s blood by these parasites will make the pet anemic and thus put him into life-threatening condition.

The menace of fleas has largely troubled our furry pals. Not to mention, when they are seen scratching their bodies mindlessly out of itching sensation caused by flea saliva, it is a pity. The only effective way to deal with fleas is to follow a flea control strategy that treats the pet and the environment.

Let’s get started and pay heed to below details for complete flea elimination

Flea Infestation- Symptoms

As a pet parent you can easily figure out whether your pet or home is flea infested or not. The traces of fleas in the form of flea dirt can be seen on your dog’s fur. A flea comb can help you identify the presence of fleas on your pet’s skin. Besides, a flea-infested pet may show the following symptoms

•    Scratching
•    Itching
•    Licking
•    Hair loss( severe flea problem)
•    Flea Allergy Dermatitis( If not treated on time)

Carpets, furniture in house provides safe breeding ground for fleas. A magnifying glass would help you see flea eggs and larvae around these places. Therefore, indicating the existence of flea life cycle in your home.

Action Plan 1- Treating the Pet’s Environment

•    Thoroughly vacuum your house. Clean all parts of the house and items with hot water for best results
•    Vacuum carpets, furniture, etc
•     Wash your pet’s bedding and his personal items
•    Use carpet spray to get rid of fleas hiding under the carpets
•    Disrupt flea life cycle existing in your home by using a fogger
•    For outdoor area, use insecticides to eliminate fleas present in the yard zone

Action Plan 2- Treating The Pet

•    The fleas present on the pet can be eliminated by using flea preventives
•    These flea control products are both available as oral treatments as well as spot on treatments
•    Capstar is one such oral treatment that kills fleas in a very small amount of time
•    Spot on flea treatments are the first choice among pet parents to relieve their pets from fleas. Some of these products are Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advocate, etc.
•    Beside above products, collars such as Preventic Tick Control Collar can be used alongside with other flea treatments to protect your lovable companion from ticks and fleas hiding in bushes, grass, etc
•    To ensure no loopholes on your part in this fight against fleas, consult your vet, get updated on your pet’s health and follow vet advice to improve the overall well-being of your furry pal

The life cycle of a flea goes through egg, larvae, pupae and adult. A pet is a host to adult flea. As a pet parent, pay attention to this detail. Disrupt the flea life cycle that is finding safe haven in your home by treating the environment. Eliminate the remaining fleas that are sucking your pet’s blood by using flea treatments. At the same time, do not allow your pet to come in contact with other infested dogs. Be more vigilant in warm conditions and continue visiting vet regularly to receive useful insights to tackle fleas and other pet health issues.