Best Flea Treatment

Buying a flea and tick treatment is not an easy task because there are a lot of products in the market to choose from. However, according to many vets, which is the best flea treatment for home that is effective and safe – oral, topical and collar treatment? This is a common question that bewilders many pet parents and you also might be one of them. Hence, it can be said that pet parents are having a tough time in choosing the type of treatment rather than, the treatment. And to solve yours and thousands of pet parent’s problems, Budget Vet Care has prepared a chart that will show you the positives of each type of treatments and also give the suggestions about the brands that you should choose for your pet’s flea and tick treatment.

Comparison Chart for Best Flea Treatments


List Of Some Best Flea Treatments That You Can Choose To Treat Your Pet.

Topical Treatments

Frontline Plusfrontline plus | Budgetvetcare
  • Terminates adult fleas within 12 hours of application
  • Treats 100% ticks in 48 hours of administration
  • Eradicates the juvenile stages of fleas
  • Breaks the flea life-cycle thus preventing re-infestation
  • It’s a monthly treatment
  • Waterproof treatment
  • Helpful in treating flea allergy dermatitis
AdvantageAdvantage for cats |Budgetvetcare
  • Advantage has a unique and quick mode of action
  • Treats fleas and flea larvae
  • Destroys pests by the mere contact with the solution
  • Safe for pregnant and lactating females
  • Prevents re-infestation by killing fleas present in the environment
  • Eliminates almost 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application
  • Helps in curing Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Provides month-long protection from parasites including chewing lice
RevolutionRevolution | Budgetvetcare
  • Effective heartworm preventive
  • Kills fleas and its juvenile stages
  • Destroys ticks and fights against tick-borne diseases
  • Kills roundworms and hookworms
  • Broad spectrum parasitic preventive
  • Easy to use and waterproof treatment
  • Prevents and treats ear mites and sarcoptic mange

Oral Treatments

ComfortisComfortis | Budgetvetcare
  • Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration
  • It’s monthly protection against fleas
  • Comes in a palatable and easy-to-dose flavor
  • Prevents flea infestation for a complete month

Nexgard |Budgetvetcare

  • A beef flavored treat for dogs
  • The fast-acting formula that eliminates both fleas and ticks
  • Effective for a full month
  • Destroys existing adult fleas within 8 hours of administration
  • Aids in the treatment and prevention of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Safe for all dog breeds including collies
  • The oral treatment works instantly and treats heavy flea infestationsCapstar | Budgetvetcare
  • Starts working in 30 minutes of administration
  • Kills 98 – 100% fleas within 7 hours.
  • Capstar is an all-time treatment for a heavy infestation that works great when combined with program flavored tablets
  • It is safe to use on pregnant and lactating dogs and queens
  • Have to be administered daily till the flea infestations are not treated


SerestoSeresto | Budgetvetcare
  • An efficacious way of treating and controlling fleas and ticks
  • Protection against flea infestations for up to eight months
  • Works immediately as soon as the collar is fitted
  • Prevents tick infestations within 48 hours and for 4 months
  • Odor free and safe
  • Water resistant continues to work in wet condition
  • Safe release mechanism prevents strangulation
PreventicPreventic collar | Budgetvetcare
  • Full protection against ticks within 48 hours of collar attachment
  • Long lasting effect controls ticks infestation for up to 2 months
  • Prevents Lyme disease, babesiosis, and Rickettsia
  • Odorless formula
  • Controls 92% tick infestation after 24 hours of use

Now you have the pros and cons of all the three types of treatment at your disposal. The respective products in each category are also recommended to you hence the ball is now in your court. So, don’t wait because summer is here. Buy treatments that you feel is better and suitable for your pet’s lifestyle.