Revolution vs. Advantage: Which is the Ultimate Flea Terminator?

The popular Hollywood flick- Puss in Boots enjoyed a lot of praise from critics and fans alike for its portrayal of a talking cat who was strong, intelligent and daring in nature. He was confident about what he believed in and expressed it completely without any fear. However, the cinema would have been more accurate if it had taken into account the threat faced by parasites. Cats face a lethal threat from parasites like fleas and ticks which has proved fatal in many cases. They also do not enjoy the ability to communicate their problems to humans as described in the movie. As a result, they are forced to silently bear the pain caused due to fleas unless detected and cured through the use of certain products.

Revolution and Advantage are two products which have been deemed extremely effective in ensuring protection and relief from fleas for cats. At the same time, there is a question which arises over the product which can be deemed the better purchase amongst the two with consumers on the lookout for a single product which can provide ultimate treatment. Let’s take a closer look at the two of them:

Revolution: Revolution helps in ensuring all-round protection from any kinds of worms or parasites which makes it an effective purchase for any cat parent. The product ensures the elimination of any adult fleas in the nearby environment and removes any future threat as well by preventing the hatching of flea eggs. Cat lovers who love going out for walks and vacations with their cats can have a good time without being concerned about being affected by fleas.

Advantage: The product can be utilized by pregnant mothers without being scared of any possible side effects on the mother or her offspring. It can also be used for extremely young cats. The product is waterproof in nature and provides instant relief from fleas by halting any flea bites within a matter of minutes going on to kill any larvae within as less as 20 minutes.

Ingredients: The ingredients of both the treatment are as follows:

Revolution: Selamectin is a macrocyclic lactone compound which is a neurotoxin for hookworms, ticks, heartworms, mites, roundworms ensuring protection to the cat.

Advantage: Imidacloprid is an insecticide which starts providing relief from Fleas within simply an hour of application.

Comparison – Revolution Vs Advantage



Means of Application:

Revolution is an applicant solution which is administered by the cat parent on the body of their precious companion. It is applied on the base of the cat’s neck in a judicious manner considering the size of the pet and the overall area to be covered. This solution further goes on to kill any fleas present in the adult form on the cat’s body. Every dosage needs to be served on a monthly basis and usually lasts a period of approximately 30 days.
The method of application for advantage is also largely the same being an applicant solution like revolution.

Now, let us take a look at the reasons why the consumers should look to select either of the two products for preventing any threat from fleas:

Reasons to choose Revolution:

  • Revolution is a clinically approved topical treatment
  • Prevents flea eggs from hatching for a month as well as
  • Kills adult fleas ensuring 100% protection
  • Protection against roundworms and hookworms, heartworms, and ear mites
  • Extremely safe for lactating, pregnant cats
  • All-in-one purchase for a cat parent

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At the same time, there have been certain side effects which have been reported with regard to the overall impact on the health of the cats. Loss of fur on the area of application, vomiting has been identified as some of the side-effects by cat parents. However, there have been no significant side effects recorded with regard to the utilization of advantage which gives it an edge with regard to consumer safety.

Reasons to choose Advantage:

  • It is a simple, easy-to-use treatment which effectively eliminates fleas as well as further prevents flea infestation.
  • The product provides protection to cats from Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) providing protection from several flea-related diseases.
  • It is water-proof in nature and remains effective despite exposure to water in a swimming pool or during a bath.
  • Fleas are eliminated within 12 hours of application with the overall treatment lasting over a month.
  • The product can be utilized for lactating, pregnant cats and young kittens as well.

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At the same time, advantage does not provide the same all-round protection against parasites and fleas for cats as a product like revolution. There are chances of a reoccurrence of a flea attack which might play into the minds of the consumers.

However, despite the minor flaws highlighted in the utilization of both the products, the risks involved are extremely minor in nature. The side effects reported with the utilization of revolution may be faced by cats while utilizing other products as well because of body allergies and intolerance for certain chemicals. Advantage provides effective protection for cats against fleas with a flea-free environment assured in the majority of the instances.

Both revolution and advantage are quality purchases for consumers looking to shield their cats from the menace of fleas if utilized according to the instructions mentioned. They should be invested in without much delay.