How Pet Obesity Can Cause Dangerous Diseases?

There’s never a dull day when you have pets; the spark in their eyes is enough to lighten up your world. Every pet parent wants to shower their furry buddies with toys and treats. However, have you considered what overfeeding does to your pet? Well, feeding what seems like innocuous treats to pets can have severe consequences on their health. Moreover, Pet Obesity has been trending now just like Obesity in human beings.

Obesity in pets has increased rapidly in the last few years. It is the root of numerous life-threatening diseases. Pet Obesity is prevalent in both cats and dogs. Every pet is special and you have to ensure that your furry pal doesn’t succumb to any of these diseases due to obesity. To determine where your dog is at the risk of any disease, let’s first take a look at your dog’s physical health.

We have created a Pet Obesity Chart that will help you evaluate whether your dog has an ideal body weight or not-

Pet Obesity Chart

Is your Pet Fit Or Fat?

Below we have shed light on the diseases that are caused due to obesity in cats and dogs. The following list is bound to leave you stunned and after reading the article, you’ll certainly pay 10x more attention to your pet’s diet and health.

Obesity-Related Conditions in Pets 

Diabetes: Overweight pets are at the highest risk of diabetes mellitus. Overfeeding can cause insulin resistance in the pet’s body, which leads to diabetes. The main sign is an increase in thirst and urination. If your dog is overweight and has these symptoms, chances are he has diabetes.

Arthritis: Obesity directly affects your pet’s bones; bearing the weight causes the bones to weaken. Thus, it results in inflammation in joints and eventually causes osteoarthritis in pets.
If you’re concerned about your pet’s joint health, we have many treatments available. Joint Guard for Cats and Joint Guard for Dogs maintain joint health and reduce inflammation.

High Blood Pressure: When the body has to bear extra weight, it affects the entire body. Excess body fat is linked with hypertension in both dogs and cats.

Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease: Urinary tract infection is one of the most common issues obese animals face. Obesity, diabetes, and Bladder infections are interlinked; hence preventing it becomes more crucial.

Liver Disease: Generally, the fatty liver disease occurs in humans but pets are not entirely immune to it. Cats who consume a high-fat diet are at more risk of developing liver disease. Furthermore, overweight or obese dogs are also at the risk of liver disease.

Depression: The terms depression and pets are rarely used together. When pets are not able to indulge in their daily activities – running, jumping, grooming themselves – they are likely to suffer from depression. Being overweight can take a toll on their bodies and minds. Hence, maintaining ideal body weight is vital for maintaining the physical and mental health of dogs.
Obesity Related Issues in pets

Study Shows That Obese Dogs Have Shorter Lifespan

No pet parent can imagine living without their beloved pet. However, the treats you feed your pet ‘out of love’ can lead to their early demise. Science Daily has published a research study that was conducted on over 50,000 dogs of various breeds. It was reported that obese dogs are likely to have shorter lives compared to dogs with ideal body weight.

They came to the conclusion that obesity takes away two years from a pet’s life. Hence, if you wish to spend more time with your furry pal, pay attention to his diet and day-to-day activities.

As a pet parent, you might find it difficult to deny your pet treats. No one can resist that cute little face looking up to you. Whenever you feed your pet, ensure that it’s in small proportions. Creating a diet plan is advisable so that you don’t overfeed your pet. After switching your furry pal to a nutritious and healthy diet, you’ll notice a positive change in his behavior.

When your pet starts losing weight, he will feel more comfortable moving around. Thus, he won’t have to struggle anymore to jump or run. All animals deserve equal love and attention. Maintaining their ideal body weight is not just required for physical appearance; it helps prevent many fatal diseases in cats and dogs. Thus, always try to maintain ideal body weight in your pet so they don’t suffer from any of these diseases.