5 Simple Tips To Care For Your Dog During Spring

Spring is that time of the year when winter ends and there is a commencement of summer. After making your pet spend most of the time indoors, it is finally that time when you and your furry pal can head out and enjoy the sun. You can bond with him over games and have fun. But before you decide to take your doggy on long walks, you need to groom him so that he can enjoy the spring season without any problem.

Let us now look at some of the simple tips to care for your dog during the spring:

Spring Season Dog Wellness Tips

Groom The Winter Coat

During winters, the coats of the dogs become thicker. But once the winter season is over, the dogs commence to shed their extra coat. You might see tumbleweeds of dog hair on your clothes, bed, sofa and floor. To get rid of this winter coat, you need to brush your furry pal on a regular basis. In case the coat is too long, you can take the help of a professional who would clip their coat hair.

Check For Parasites

During the warmer months, fleas, ticks and other parasites would be on the prowl. You need to keep your doggy out of the harm’s way. You can do this by checking the skin of the dog for these parasites or visit your veterinarian to get the dog checked by a professional.

Commence Worm Control

The commencement of the spring season is the ideal time for deworming the dog. During summers, worms can have a major impact on dogs. Finding the right deworming treatment can be very intricate, hence ensure that you visit your veterinarian to avoid any complications.

Make The Doggy Lose Winter Weight

Dogs tend to gain weight during the winter since they are not as active as they usually are. Dog owners think that it is okay for dogs to carry a little bit of extra weight. Overweight pets are prone to serious diseases, including pancreatitis, arthritis, cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Ensure that you set a goal to make your doggy lose the excess weight.

Clean The Bed, Collar & Toys

Since dogs spend most of their time indoor during winters, the bed will be full of filth and dirt. Hence, you need to clean the bed using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the hair that is caught on the fabric and wash it with cold water. Dry the bed outdoors such that it becomes fluffy again. You can wash the collar by using dog shampoo and hot water. The collar needs to be rubbed against itself to get rid of the dirt. The reason for that is if you use a brush to clean the collar, the material can get damaged. The dog toys can be cleaned by employing a combination of water and vinegar or with the aid of a dish washer.

Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Hence, always keep the stock of essential dog supplies with you so that your furry pal can have a gala time during the spring season.